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Why study Public Auctioneer?

marzo 31, 2021
quieres ser martillero publico Why study Public Auctioneer?

A public auctioneer is a person authorized by law to sell other people’s land or property at a public auction. They cannot buy and only sell at public auctions.

Why study to be a auctioneer, public auctioneer or public broker?

The word auctioneer, for many people, conjures up the image of a country man who has a quick way of speaking and can easily convince you to buy a deal on a glass of ice water in the dead of winter. Instead, this part of the purchase attempt, while the most memorable part of an auctioneer’s job, is only a fraction of the job that auctioneers do.

In fact, most of the work for an auction house is done before the day of the actual sale arrives. Auctioneers spend a great deal of time finding clients and building relationships, appreciating the items being sold, studying the market, and determining the best way to advertise a sale for maximum participation. Thus, if you are looking for an unconventional job opportunity, the public auctioneer may be for you.

You want to be a Public Auctioneer
Do you want to be a Public Auctioneer?

How much does a Public Auctioneer earn?

When choosing which career to study, the young man who is about to make his decision evaluates numerous variables, it is no longer just a matter of deciding what he likes the most, he must also identify how profitable the profession he chooses will be, which will help to answer a crucial question: “How much money will I earn from working on what I studied?

The salary you get may not be what you expected or the one you thought was appropriate for the activity you develop, therefore, it is always useful to know, before making your decision, how much the professionals who work in the same job are currently charging. that you will dedicate yourself in the future.
If it is the career of Public Auctioneer, of course there will be differences depending on the region of the world in which you are, in any case, you should know that this kind of professional will always be governed based on commissions for the goods that you auction or what is the same, the goods you sell. It is for this reason that your salary will depend on the quantity and quality of auctions in which you operate.
Some of the commissions that you could charge as a Public Auctioneer, would be the following:
In Argentina:
In real estate auctions, the Public Auctioneer will charge between 1.5% and 3%, to each of the parties within the transaction. In auctions of vehicles, furniture in general, merchandise and demolitions, the professional will charge 5% to 10% to the buyer. In goodwill auctions, between 2.5% and 5% will be charged to each party.
In Chile:
Public auctioneers in Chile may charge a maximum of 10% of the totality of the goods auctioned in an auction, this percentage will be charged to both the buyer and the seller.
In Peru:
The payment of public auctioneers in Peru is given as a commission of between 0.5% and 5% of the total sales made in an auction. This commission will be subject to the number of units sold and will correspond to the buyer and seller.

What kind of people might this career be interested in?

To be a Public Auctioneer it is advisable that you have a taste for sales, that you are interested in knowing about marketing, that you have the ability to express yourself orally and in writing, that you have the ability to speak in public, that you are interested in knowing the market and especially the national That you have ease of speech, that you are an honest and honest person, as well as an outgoing person, given the type of work that Public Auctioneers perform.

A good auctioneer is both a seller and an artist, capable of capturing people’s attention and holding it for several hours. A great sense of humor helps as it simultaneously puts the crowd at ease and keeps them energized and focused on the sale. Personality is also important for building a following; an auctioneer who puts on a great show is more likely to attract large crowds at the next sale. For this type of work, it is important to be comfortable being the center of attention, so self-confidence, good verbal skills and a strong voice are qualities that a Public Auctioneer should have.

What kind of work does someone who has studied to be a Public Auctioneer do? What is the scope of the race?

A Public Auctioneer is the president of public auction sales and rates, evaluates and carries out expert appraisals of all kinds of goods of legal traffic that are carried out by a court order, either from individuals or from official entities.

A Public Auctioneer usually intervenes in all public auctions and intermediation of the sale of both movable and immovable property, participating in the promotion, advice and assistance of the rental and sale of real estate contracts.

Below is a list, not necessarily exhaustive, of the kinds of things an auctioneer can do:

  • Valuing and marking lots, to ensure a fair price and to make sure the auction house is selling things that are worth your time.
  • Organizing employees, microphones, and creating whatever else is needed in the auction room for a smooth sale.
  • Managing and conducting the auction, explaining the lots and then taking the bids, awarding the winner once it is known.
  • Calculating the commission on the parts sold and filling out the paperwork for it.
  • Help prepare brochures and / or catalogs and assist with auction marketing and advertising.
  • Check the new legislation and be constantly well informed.

An auctioneer usually spends most of his life working in auction rooms, or in parts valuation offices. At other times, it may be necessary to go out to visit other businesses or people’s homes to evaluate or appraise what is going to be sold.

In which universities can I study to be a Public Auctioneer?

In Argentina: Pro University Foundation of Public Brokers and Auctioneers, Silo 21 University, Real Estate Training Institute of the Argentine Real Estate Chamber, Argentine Catholic University, University of the Argentine Social Museum, National University of La Plata, etc.

The case of auctioneer Leandro:

“The degree is very interesting, since the study plan is broad and trains us in basic matters of Law and Administration that are essential for the exercise of our profession. The training is complete, although it requires many hours of study while the degree lasts and updates once they graduate ”, says Leandro, Public Auctioneer. “One of the advantages of this career is that it can only be exercised by those who were academically trained at a university or institute, since to work as a Auctioneer it is an essential requirement to be enrolled in the corresponding college,” he points out regarding the professions that many Sometimes they are exercised by non-professionals, limiting the occupational field of the latter.

The job of the Public Auctioneer consists of auctioning goods, although it also acquires a leading role in the real estate market, being trained to carry out appraisals, manage real estate purchases and sales, and manage consortia, among other things. “The good thing about our work is that it allows us to perform with great independence, we do not require an employer to give us work, like many others. The work itself is simple and, depending on how you work, you can earn a lot of money. Like everything, it has its negative aspect, that not for all auctioneers it will be the same, I suppose. In my case, I try not to intervene in auctions related to family homes, because it generates a very strong sense of guilt, even though it is not me who is making people homeless, ”continues Leandro. “Most of the graduates of the degree choose to set up their own real estate, since it is an inexhaustible market. It is a very good alternative, although for this you have to have an initial investment that not everyone is in a position to make ”, he adds. “We are formed with a strong negotiation base, which, in reality, allows us to perform in any field later, since we also learn a lot about marketing and mediation,” he says. “The occupational field is complete, we can work as independent, manage a private company or someone else’s and work in the public and judicial fields,” he concludes.

What are the tasks of a Public Auctioneer
What are the tasks of a Public Auctioneer?

Why study Public Auctioneer?

  • Because you are attracted to auctions.
  • Because you are interested in the real estate market.
  • Because you like to manage.
  • Because you feel a great interest in the branches of Law that this career covers.
  • Because you want a profession with different nuances of application instead of a restricted field of action.
  • Because you are equally interested in business and numbers.
  • Because you want a short career that gives you a degree that relates to business.
  • Because you are looking for a profession in which the competition is “fair”, that is, in which you have to compete only with professionals like you.
  • Because you would like to found a real estate agency and you want to have the serious tools to be able to do it responsibly.

Where to study Public Auctioneer?

In Argentina in the Buenos Aires province:

The National University of Mar del Plata (MDP) offers the career of Auctioneer, Appraiser and Public Broker, distance mode, with a duration of 3 years.

Higher Institute of Technical Training of the College of Auctioneers and Public Brokers of La Plata with articulation Faculty of Law of the UNLP.

The Higher Institute of Technical Training of the College of Auctioneers and Public Brokers of San Isidro with the University of San Martín.

In the southern zone, in the district of Lomas de Zamora, the Lomas de Zamora Higher Institute of Studies offers a Superior Technician in Real Estate Auctions and Brokerage (ISEL) in 3 years and with articulation in 2 universities with the final title of Appraiser, Public Auctioneer and Corridor if you decide to do it at the University of Morón,
o Public Auctioneer, Broker and Consortium Administrator if you decide to do it at the Inter-American Open University.

In the city of Morón, West Zone of the Province of Buenos Aires, the National University of Morón offers an undergraduate degree in Appraiser, Public Auctioneer and Broker in face-to-face and distance mode. With a duration of 3 years.

In La Ciudad de la Plata, the Universidad Católica de la Plata within the Faculty of Law, offers the training of Auctioneer and Trade Broker, with a …