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Why study Sales Techniques?

abril 1, 2021
estudiar ventas nose que estudiar Why study Sales Techniques?

It is common that a large part of salespeople do not take training to professionalize themselves in their work, since most companies do not require training for these types of positions. However, having specific knowledge and techniques to carry out one of the most important tasks of organizations, since it is thanks to it that they sustain themselves financially, is a plus to get a job, to keep it and to increase income from commissions.

The coordinator of the Sales sector of an important chain of household electrical products, tells about the courses that can be taken to improve Sales Techniques.

Sales course
Where to study sales?

─How are the Sales Techniques courses?

─There are numerous courses. Personally, I have done both Counter Sales, Salon Sales, Telephone and Internet Sales and Intangibles Sales, among others. All are useful, but whoever decides to do them must be clear about what type of position they intend to aspire to. While there are tools provided that are common to most marketing related positions, the same techniques are not used to sell a product face-to-face to a customer as to offer it over the phone.

─What are the most important Sales Techniques?

─All those related to persuasion, which are also what most courses offer. Currently NLP is very in vogue, but any that is linked to sign language and empathy is valid and useful.

─Why is it important to learn Sales Techniques?

─Because it was always believed that with a good product it was enough to place it, but this is not the case. Today customers are more demanding, they do not buy only the product, but the brand, the company, and our attention is what sums it up. A client can enter our store interested in buying a camera but, depending on the skill with which we treat it, they can also end up taking a video camera and even a plasma.

─Is it easier to get a job as a salesperson by taking courses?

─I don’t know if it is easier, but it adds up to the curriculum. What does become easier is keeping the job and improving conditions. Most companies provide sales commissions to sellers, so a good Techniques course will also improve the seller’s income.

─What do you like the most about your profession?

─Everything that can be learned from unknown people. It seems hardly relevant, but through various Sales Techniques it is possible to access the minds of customers and understand them perfectly. As practice is acquired, one understands that two people will never buy the same product for the same reasons. In addition, it is very interesting to make contributions to the marketing area, since we provide the information on which you can create highly effective campaigns.

You want to learn Sales Techniques
Do you want to learn Sales Techniques?

Why study Sales Techniques?

  • Because you like to sell and you want to improve yourself.
  • Because you want to be a professional salesperson.
  • Because you know that the more you sell, the better your salary will be.
  • Because you want to get a job in a recognized trade and you know that for this you need to qualify very well.

Where to study Sales Techniques in Argentina?

Buenos Aires’ University

Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center

La Suisse Cepec

Where to study Sales Techniques in Uruguay?



Uruguayan Society

Ma-Pa School

Where to study Sales Techniques in Spain?


Commercial development

Business Commercial Training

V for Sales