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Why study Sommelier? | I do not know what to study

marzo 31, 2021
estudiar Sommelier Why study Sommelier? | I do not know what to study

The main objective of the Sommelier career is the tasting of wines and other types of non-alcoholic drinks. Adding knowledge in areas such as viticulture, the art of grape cultivation, and communication and management of the world of wines, professionals offer their work in restaurants and various events.

The place that a Sommelier occupies in a restaurant is fundamental, both for his work in recommending wines, and for the prestige he gives to the service offered to diners. The degree provides general knowledge in subjects at a general level such as Marketing, Communication, Legal Issues, Customer Service, Public Speaking and English.

Wines – Sommelier

Graduates demonstrate a knowledge of the history and culture that surrounds a wine, as well as an ability to taste it and define a pairing, the combination of wine and food, due to their great perception and use of the senses. The Sommelier knows about the wine market and the space they occupy on an international stage.

In which sectors does a Sommelier work?

In national or international restaurants or tourist spaces such as hotels or private complexes. In both places, he offers his knowledge to diners by recommending wines, as well as pairing according to the client’s request. You can also carry out your work in wineries to do tastings or participate in wine fairs. Another option is to carry out an undertaking, such as a consultancy to commercialize and obtain wines by acting as an intermediary between restaurants and wineries or providing their knowledge to train those responsible for both places.

How to recognize if the race is for me?

Being a Sommelier requires a wide use of the senses, having a good capacity to observe, a vocation to offer a service, creativity in the way of communicating, analytical thinking and a power of synthesis to express an idea. He has the capacity to advise and offer his word at times when he is consulted to put together the wine list and achieve the purchase of the products.


Advantages and disadvantages of a Sommelier

The advantages of studying Sommelier are:

  • Opportunity to learn about the history and passion that a good wine generates.
  • Sharpen the senses and always incorporate new knowledge.
  • Provide a service that achieves the enjoyment of diners.
  • Gain power and prestige in the word for the knowledge acquired in wine tasting.
  • Wide job opportunity.

The disadvantages of the race are:

  • It is a complex race that requires highly developed senses.
  • The purchase of wines is highly dependent on the budget available in restaurants.
  • The need to accept that the tastes of the diners will always be different, beyond the extensive knowledge of a Sommelier.
  • It requires a high time load in practices and in learning the theoretical concepts.
  • Taking the risks that power in the word brings with it.