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Why study Sports Marketing?

abril 2, 2021
que se estudia en marketing deportivo Why study Sports Marketing?

Sports Marketing is a subdivision of marketing that focuses on promoting sports events and teams, as well as promoting other products and services through sports.

The Marketing career is one of the most sought after by future professionals.

Why study Sports Marketing?

It is no secret that the world of professional sports is highly dependent on funds generated by corporate sponsorship. Visible evidence of this relationship abounds in most sporting events, where we see everything from t-shirts printed with brand logos to outside fields adorned with advertisements. In most cases, this sports brand presence is the work of a Sports Marketing department. Sports Marketing is a branch of the marketing industry that involves the promotion and sponsorship organization of sporting events, teams, and individual athletes. So if you like sports and would like to promote it and work in the field of marketing, this is your career.

What is Sports Marketing about?

Sports Marketing agencies are companies specialized in promoting and sponsoring sports events, teams and individual athletes. An agent for these types of companies usually acts as a link between their client and potential sponsors. You can get valuable support for a basketball player’s footwear, for example, or you can organize a candy company to sponsor a sports facility halftime show. The Sports Marketing It is divided into different specialties that depend on the sport in which you work.

What is studied in Sports Marketing
What is studied in Sports Marketing?

What is the job opportunity?

Those who work in the field are often employees of a specialized agency, a sports franchise, or the marketing department of a company that promotes its products through sports sponsorship. An agency of Sports Marketing It is divided into different areas such as: Broadcasters, Promoters, Buyers / Sponsors, Agents / Athletes, Operations and Event Management, etc.

What tasks does a person who has studied Sports Marketing perform?

Some Sports Marketing professionals work for a sports team or organize a major sporting event, such as a professional golf tournament. They are often responsible for promoting the team or event they work for. They can, for example, run radio and newspaper announcements to promote upcoming games or design special offers and product giveaways to encourage attendance. Additionally, they can secure outside sponsorship for their franchise by selling promotional space in a variety of formats, including game-time spots on game screens, bookmarks and collectible mugs, etc.

What is this race called in other countries? How long does it last?

For those who wish to enter the field of Sports Marketing It may be helpful to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business, or Advertising. Some universities offer marketing degrees with a specialization in sport, others master’s degrees in Sports MarketingThere are even courses too. Additionally, it is sometimes possible to gain experience by working directly for a sports franchise or sports marketing agency. If you want to study a degree related to Marketing or Sports Marketing, it will last four or five years. If you want to study a master’s degree, it can last one or two years, but for this you need to study a bachelor’s degree first. The courses can last a few months or a year, depending on the institution.

Advantages of studying Sports Marketing

Being a relatively new field within the discipline of marketing, there are numerous job opportunities in the field. Sports Marketing. Also, sports marketers tend to have quite high salaries.

Disadvantages of studying Sports Marketing

There are not many universities that include this specialization in the Bachelor of Marketing or Marketing, nor are there many masters, postgraduates or courses that deal with this topic.

Work in the Organization of Sports Events
Work in the Organization of Sports Events

Where to study Sports Marketing?

Argentina: Argentine Catholic University, River Plate University Institute, University of Palermo, Foundation for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, etc.

Bolivia: Central University of Bolivia, University of Aquino, etc.

Brazil: Institute for Global Studies.

Chile: Academic Center for Sports Sciences, Online Business School, etc.

Ecuador: University of the Americas.

Mexico: Johan Cruyff Institute, University of the Valley of Mexico, ITESO Jesuit University of Guadalajara, etc.

Peru: Peruvian Institute of Marketing.

Spain: Real Madrid University School, European University, Higher Studies in Sports Entities Management, Complutense University of Madrid, etc.

Portugal: The Marketing School, IMF Business School, Escola Superior de Marketing e Publicidade, etc.

Did you know…?

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