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Why study the Bachelor of Arts?

marzo 31, 2021

The objective of the Bachelor of Arts is to educate professionals with the ability to analyze, interpret and understand both literary and humanities texts.

The Letter race It will allow you to: have a perfect command of Spanish that will help you to develop and apply different projects (both educational and cultural) appropriate to the needs of the context and the current national and international situation. Develop successful communication proposals (both oral and written communication), which are essential for both companies and the public sector. Know and be able to analyze the literary and cultural expressions of the Spanish language that make it possible to understand the thought and culture of Spanish-speaking peoples. Why study Bachelor of Arts? Because it will give you the global knowledge of literature throughout history in general; and, above all, of Spanish and Latin American literature, through an approach to literary works created in different times and environments.

What kind of people might this career be interested in?

The person who wishes to study this career must have these qualities and tastes: respect, tolerance and interest in culture and the humanities, attraction for the knowledge of languages, taste and habit of reading, interest and taste for research, ability to concentration and memorization, an analytical, critical and creative personality, synthesis capacity, oral and written communication skills, interest in writing or writing, capacity for academic work (both individual and group), ability to organize cultural activities, patience for teaching.

What kind of work does a Bachelor of Arts do? What is the scope of the race? In which sectors are Graduates of Letters needed?

When one studies the Bachelor of Arts, becomes a professional who specializes in the search, selection and organization of the necessary information in the teaching and business field in order to promote humanistic studies and literary creation. The Bachelor of Letters will also be trained in the management of information and the administration of cultural programs within institutions and companies.

The Bachelor of Arts will have a training in literature in general; will have a respectful, tolerant and supportive attitude towards cultural diversity; You will be able to analyze the language, both in the field of literature and in the cultural and social field; will be able to collect data and material necessary for research through field or archival work; will be able to analyze texts and existing literary genres; will be able to apply the theoretical and methodological foundations of linguistics; You will be able to carry out searches, selections and organizations of the necessary information for the business and educational field, in order to develop humanistic studies and literary production; will be trained to be a teacher at the middle, middle-superior and superior levels of education; and you will also be able to work in the journalistic world, both print, radio and television.