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Why study the Bachelor of History?

marzo 31, 2021
por que estudiar historia Why study the Bachelor of History?

Because to understand the present it is necessary to know the past and history provides us with the environment to help us better understand the current world. As Marco Tulio Cicero said: “The peoples who forget their history are condemned to repeat it.” When the past is understood, the experiences that ancient societies have lived can serve as a basis and can help us, at least, not to stumble over the same stones. Although times change and unprecedented circumstances arise, the essence of conflicts has been repeated throughout history, in the same way that those in power have proceeded.

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What kind of people might this career be interested in?

The Degree in History It is the ideal career for those who are curious about the past and want to understand the why of the present. The quality necessary to study this degree is to be a critical, analytical, observant person, with the capacity for synthesis and who has a taste for reading. The latter is very important because the tools of a historian consist of all kinds of writings, whether first-hand or not. Throughout the degree, the student will have to read all kinds of essays: articles, books, magazines, theses, etc., carry out an in-depth analysis of their readings and prepare written works on different topics.

Why study History
Why study History?

What is the scope of the race? What kind of work does a BA in History do?

At the end of the degree, a Bachelor of History will be able to carry out critical analyzes of the economy and society both today and in the past, since they will know the evolution they have had throughout history and the reasons for it, but above all , the appropriate tools to carry out this study. A Bachelor of History is dedicated, above all, to the development of research, that is, to the study of certain phenomena or social events that are of interest to our society. But today the Bachelor of History covers much more and the field of work of historians has become more extensive.

In what sectors are Graduates in History required?

Today, historians can work in teaching and research, but also in museums as guides, they can be writers and / or analysts in various media, they can work as librarians, in some governmental institution, in non-governmental organizations , etc.

How to find out if the Bachelor of History is a perfect career for me?

If you feel the need and / or desire for knowledge, if you like reading and are interested in analyzing the various situations and conflicts in society throughout history, the Bachelor of History is your career.

In which universities can I study the Bachelor of History?

There are countless universities that teach this career. In Spain, most public and private universities have it in their offer, although now, instead of a Bachelor’s degree, it has become a Bachelor’s degree, due to the university reform in Europe, the Bologna Process. The most important universities are: Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Complutense University of Madrid, University of Salamanca, Autonomous University of Madrid, University of Granada, etc.

In the rest of Latin America, the best universities to study history are:
the University of Sao Paulo, University of Buenos Aires, National Autonomous University of Mexico, University of Chile, National University of Colombia, University of Costa Rica, Central University of Venezuela, University of the Republic, University of Porto and the University of San Carlos .

Where to study Bachelor of History
Where to study Bachelor of History?

The best university in Chile to study History

The one that is considered the best university in Chile to study the Bachelor of History is the University of Chile. It is one of the most recognized state universities in the country located in the capital Santiago de Chile. The only disadvantage of this university is that, despite being public, it has a somewhat high cost, due to the educational policies of the country. However, there are financing and credit options.

The History career is taught at the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, which is located in a central location in the Chilean capital. It is a Bachelor’s degree that lasts four years and the space for the career is 83 students. Its study plan includes subjects such as “Introduction to historical research 1” from the first semester, which shows that the career is focused on training high-level professionals in this subject.

Another advantage of studying at this university is the benefits and services it offers, starting from the extensive library, university card, student mobility, technological services, information resources, etc.