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Why study to be a propaganda agent

abril 2, 2021
ambo Why study to be a propaganda agent

The search for a specialty that allows us to think about the future with insertion into the labor market and economic stability includes an analysis of the different possibilities that the university world presents. The course or career to become a medical propaganda agent is a positive variant that brings us closer to this goal by opening the doors of the world of medicine.

Do you want to be a Medical Propaganda Agent?

Medical propaganda
Medical Clinic Hall, Visitor’s Area

What are the main characteristics of the career to be a medical propaganda agent? What benefits does it offer in the labor market?


What activities does a Medical Propaganda Agent do?

The main objective is the direct transmission of current events in the pharmaceutical companies for which we are working, as well as communication about the different investigations in process related to the drugs that are beginning to appear on the market. The Medical Propaganda Agent must transmit security and confidence at the time when he comments on the benefits and advantages of new drugs to doctors who await new variants to treat their patients.

They usually work in pharmacies, drug distribution laboratories, radiological and dental institutes, various products in favor of nutrition, private entities and different areas related to health.

The key pillar that pharmaceutical companies are looking for involves increased investment in research. As a Medical Propaganda Agent we develop marketing skills for the presentation of medicines, proposing new techniques that improve the treatment of doctors towards patients.

What is studying to be a medical propaganda agent?

The curriculum in the development of a course to be a Medical Propaganda Agent is divided into 3 aspects:

  • Medical knowledge.
  • Marketing techniques.
  • Communication skills.

The combination of these three points of analysis allows the training to develop successfully in the pharmaceutical market. It is as important to acquire sales and leadership techniques as having the pharmacological bases to train ourselves as a Medical Propaganda Agent that makes a difference in their work.

The ethical management of situations is essential due to the fact that it is a field of medicine where professionals must behave in an ideal way to resolve the different circumstances before their patients.

Is it a difficult course or career?

In addition to the study of the three aspects during the progress of the course, there are subjects and contents that seek a general training of the person such as psychology. For this reason, the studies to be a Medical Propaganda Agent are not simple, but they allow a remarkable professional and personal growth.

What is the average length of a course or career to become a Medical Propaganda Agent?
The courses usually last between 14 and 16 months and the careers, such as the one offered by the National University of La Matanza in Buenos Aires, last 2 years. Most of it is done in person.
Benefits of working as a medical propaganda agent

Have the knowledge to professionally inform physicians about new drugs.

Transmission of technical and scientific knowledge.

Learning marketing techniques to promote laboratory drugs.

You continue training to stay updated in the job market.

Economic security.

Stability in the workplace.

Interpretation of the information within the market delivered by different audits in charge of studying the work of the laboratories.

Disadvantages of studying to be a medical propaganda agent

Long wait if the doctors you visit have a long list of patients waiting to be seen.

Constant trips to the interior of the country with little notice.

By not knowing the communication time, the working hours are extended, moving away from a job with a fixed schedule.

Where to study to be a medical propaganda agent?

Among the most important options that offer the possibility of studying to be Medical advertising agent we can find:

Argentina: National Technological University, National University of La Matanza, Doctor René Favaloro University Foundation, University of Palermo, Center for Higher Studies in Rosario, Santa Fe.

In Spain: University School of Open Training EXITAE.

In Mexico: National Autonomous University of Mexico.

In Colombia: Prime Business School Sergio Arboleda University, El Bosque University.

In Uruguay: Catholic University of Uruguay.