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Why study Traditional Chinese Medicine?

abril 1, 2021
quieres estudiar medicina tradicional china Why study Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Do you want to study Chinese Medicine?

Medicine is a field of study highly sought after both for family inheritance and for interest in helping others or for the search for prestige and money. However, today more and more people are approaching Traditional Chinese Medicine as an oriental alternative to universal health problems. For Oriental Medicine, diseases occur due to disorders in chi (energy) that are triggered causing physical discomfort, due to an affectation between the opposing forces of yin (negative chi) and yan (positive chi).

As a doctor, you will take care of people’s health, helping the sick and preventing many diseases, helping to create a healthier society.

“It is difficult to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine in the West, there is still a lot of resistance, which does not mean that it is no longer pleasant and encouraging to do so. We have the disadvantage that social works and prepaid payments do not consider us in their benefit cards, which is why our help is not accessible to all, unfortunately ”, affirms a graduate of the degree. “While conventional western medicine tries to find physical causes and elaborate costly and extensive treatments, which end up wearing down even more the patient’s energy, we work with all their energy centers to regain the lost balance and, therefore, the well-being of the patient. affected person ”, he continues. “Today many people trust the application of our treatments, because they also know that they will not have to suffer side effects. We believe that one of the most frequent causes of disease in the West is precisely the rhythm of life that people lead, although against this we cannot do more than advise. Stress, repression of emotions and frustration are three factors that trigger the worst ills at an organic level, that unbalance the chi, which is why we have more and more patients ”, he says.

Do you want to study Traditional Chinese Medicine
Do you want to study Traditional Chinese Medicine?

In the career of Traditional Chinese Medicine all treatments that have been recognized by the World Health Organization are addressed, including acupuncture, auriculotherapy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, herbalism, massage therapy and reflexology with a philosophical basis Oriental. In addition, subjects common to Western medicine are studied, such as anatomy, diagnosis, ethics, among others, although they are usually approached from an Eastern perspective (for example, anatomy from the energy centers of the human body).

Professionals who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine usually have many patients who seek a different treatment, so they must take their work with great responsibility. In addition, as this type of medicine is not considered by the Western health system, many times they will find patients who need help and cannot pay for it, at which time solidarity should prevail.

Why study Traditional Chinese Medicine?

  • Because you have a philosophy of life akin to oriental culture.
  • Because you think Western medicine is more destructive than curative.
  • Because you are convinced that the diseases that are most suffered in the West are related to a spiritual malaise, caused by energy imbalances.
  • Because you want to help other people with different mechanisms than the traditional ones.

Learn about Chi Disorders in Oriental Medicine
Learn about Chi Disorders in Oriental Medicine

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