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Why study Web Design?

abril 1, 2021
quieres ser webmaster Why study Web Design?

Do you want to be a Webmaster?

The profession of Web Designer is, like all those related to technology and new media, one of those commonly called “of the future.” Today, most public and private companies have a website, just as many people have personal pages and there are businesses completely set up on the Internet. Therefore, people are needed to design, make and maintain them in a responsible and professional manner. It is a profession that can be studied from different levels, since there are both courses and tertiary careers linked to the task of designing websites.

Gonzalo works in a Systems consultancy in the area of ​​Web Design, so he will tell us about his work and what his training was like.

Do you want to be a Webmaster
Do you want to be a Webmaster?

—How was studying Web Design?

—Our generation comes with built-in technology. Learning to use it to do things is not a real challenge for us, as it is for older people who did not grow up between computers, video games and cell phones. I mean by this that it was simple to take it, without having stopped learning new things. The incorporation of tools and ideas that I had when I decided to professionalize myself in Web Design was magnificent. I chose it precisely because I wanted to go further than what I learned through practice on my own.

-How is your job?

—Our work always depends on interpreting what the client needs in the best way and translating it, using codes and templates, into something visible that they can access. If we cannot correctly interpret your needs, we will not be meeting your expectations and you will not trust us in the same way that you would if we can “read” your mind and bring that content to the screen.

—What is the occupational field of Web Designers?

—In general, it is either independently or within a consulting firm, as is my case, that provides this type of service. It is very rare for a company in another industry to have a Web Designer on its permanent staff, since it is not constantly generating pages and maintenance, except for companies that require it continuously, is periodic.

—What are the negative points of your profession?

“The competition.” There are many Web Designers, precisely because of the popularity and growth of the profession in recent years, which makes it difficult to find a job or clients, but for now there are for everyone, it is just a matter of searching deeply.

“And the positive?”

—The creativity that is in constant motion, the permanent updating that we have to make use of so as not to become obsolete and the continuous relationship with the novelties related to technology. Also, although this is on a personal basis, it gives us the possibility of not depending on anyone other than ourselves for being able to do work on our own and from our home.

Why study Web Design
Why study Web Design?

Why study Web Design?

  • Because you are a techie
  • Because you like aesthetics on the Internet.
  • Because you are creative.

Where to study Web Design in Argentina?

Da Vinci

Image Campus

New school

Where to study Web Design in Uruguay?

Zaner Institute

Where to study Web Design in Spain?

Pontifical University of Salamanca

Plato University Academy

Neptune Formation

Valencian Institute for Business Training

European Institute of Design

Higher School of Advertising