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Why study Yoga Teacher Training?

abril 1, 2021
por que estudiar profesorado de yoga Why study Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga is one of the physical and spiritual disciplines capable of completely modifying people’s perception of life. The Yoga Teacher Training can be defined as the way to become the guide for people who seek an alignment between their spirit and their body by harmonizing their energy. Next, Professor Claudio Guerrero answers some questions about this profession.

“Why did you choose the Yoga Teacher Training for your future?”

—I have always practiced Yoga as a beginner, from a very young age, but it was when I finished school that I assumed it was what I wanted to do all my life. There comes a point where it is not enough to practice, it is necessary to share with the rest of the people something as beautiful as the art of harmonizing the corporal and spiritual energy. In addition, taking the degree also implied going deep into oriental philosophy and Hindu culture, which provided me with knowledge that is outside of any conventional career.

Why study Yoga Teacher Training
Why study Yoga Teacher Training?

“What is your field of work?”

When you receive it, you can start teaching in a private institute, in a neighborhood organization, or open your own yoga room. I teach in an institute and I also have my room.

“What do you like the most about yoga?”

—The integral of the discipline. In general, you don’t realize it, but you are moving a muscle and at the same time you are mobilizing not only internal chi, but also the universe.

—Why would you recommend someone to study Yoga Teacher Training?

“Because it’s a wellness profession.” I see many young people studying business careers, for example, and they are always stressed, so they turn to my classes to relax. When your profession is your lifestyle, two things can happen: what I just mentioned, or that you live fully. Yoga allows the latter. It is a constant give and take.

—Who can enter the Yoga Teacher Training?

-Anyone. It is commonly believed that only those who have previously practiced the discipline or have Buddhist or Hindu beliefs are the only ones who can study this career, but this is not the case. There are very westernized people who enter and change their mentality forever, and others who continue with their beliefs but practice the profession with total responsibility.

Why study Yoga Teacher Training?

  • Because you know the practice of Yoga and you are passionate not only as a discipline, but as a philosophy.
  • Because you want to contribute to the physical and mental well-being of people, and you believe that Yoga is the perfect means to achieve it.
  • Because you have never practiced, but you know in theory everything that Yoga can contribute and it is of your interest.
  • Because you are bored and stressed by conventional careers that require routine jobs and without spiritual care.
  • Because you believe that the man of the West is missing the possibility of growing spiritually and harmonizing his energy and you want to collaborate in a paradigm shift.

What is the job field of a Yoga instructor
What is the job field of a Yoga instructor?

Where to study Yoga Teacher Training in Argentina?
Salvador’s university
Argentine Federation of Yoga
Power Yoga
Yôga International University
Yoga Kai
Pratibha Foundation
The Yoga

Where to study Yoga Teacher Training in Uruguay?
Sivananda Yoga Association – Montevideo
Satyananda Yoga School of Uruguay

Where to study Yoga Teacher Training in Spain?
International School of Yoga
Dynamic yoga
Sivananda Yoga
Espígol Salut Natural
Integral Yoga Dharma
Yoga Inbound Schools
Yoga Center Madrid
Cultural Center of India in Valencia