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5 keys to avoid making a mistake when choosing a career

abril 4, 2021
chica joven estudiando biblioteca 5 keys to avoid making a mistake when choosing a career

What career to study?

Without a doubt, the most important decision that every student must make in their academic journey is what career to study. It is true that there are those who have it clear from a very young age; in fact, we may have heard someone say: “I’ve always wanted to be a doctor”, or “I want to dedicate myself to architecture.” They are people who, from an early age, have felt a vocation for a specific activity. They have always had a very definite objective, something that they loved and, therefore, they must be encouraged to continue fighting for what they want to dedicate themselves to in life.

However, not everyone is clear about what career to study. The normal thing is that, at this moment in your life, you feel somewhat lost and you do not know for sure which way to go. You know why? Simply because until now it is very likely that you have not faced such important decisions or that in some way could condition your future. You went through the different primary courses, then secondary school arrived and, later, in the case of those who wanted to continue studying, they could either continue with the baccalaureate (preparatory), or start a training cycle. The options were really very limited, we could say that it was ‘what we played and we did’. However, your situation is different now.

At this moment a wide range of possibilities opens up before you that could well cause us some restlessness and anxiety. But you know? Do not worry, do not be overwhelmed, you are not the only one. There are many of us who have gone through the same situation. In fact, as you read these words, thousands and thousands of young people are asking this very question. Right at this very moment there are many who are facing this same dilemma: What career to study.

We are aware that it is an important decision that will surely mark your professional future. For this reason, from the department of orientation and personal development of Choose Career, we reach out to you. We want to help you choose a career that you like, that you are passionate about without feeling that fear of being wrong. How?

First of all, it is essential and essential that you know yourself well. It may sound like advice from a self-help manual, but that is the reality and even more so when we have to make such important personal decisions. Therefore, if we had the opportunity to chat quietly over a coffee and, talking about this subject, I would ask you: “But you, who are you? How would you define yourself? Could you give me a clear and concise answer to that question?

Definitely, knowing yourself well will help you to know which careers or professions are the most suitable for you.

Aspects to take into account to know which career to study:

  • What are you like? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Do you like to be around people or do you prefer to be alone? Do you prefer to work as part of a team or, rather, independently? Do you like to devise, think and create or do you prefer to elaborate, make or manufacture? Are you a person with marked routines or, rather, do you like change? Knowing these aspects of your personality will allow you to discard certain studies and professions and, in turn, define more clearly what you want to do.
  • What are your strengths? In what subject or subject are you best? Are you skilled with numbers and do you know how to solve mathematical problems with some ease? Is “History” one of your favorite subjects, so much so that you are able to memorize names, dates, places and events? Or maybe, you have a gift for communicating and transmitting ideas? Do you reflect it like this in your “Spanish” text comments? Knowing your strengths, that is, what you do well, can guide you on those careers or studies that will be easier for you or, at least, those in which you could excel.
  • What are your weak points? It is equally important that you also know how to perceive those subjects that generate a certain rejection, or those in which you did not stand out so much or were simply not that good and that, perhaps, could be an obstacle to carry out a certain career. For example, if technical drawing is not your strong suit, you could rule out technical careers like “Architecture”, as well as some types of Engineering. Without a doubt, knowing your weaknesses will help you outline what alternatives you have.
  • What do you like? What attracts you the most? What subjects do you enjoy the most? What do you like to do in your free time? Is there an activity that manages to escape from everything around you? Any hobby that you dedicate hours and hours to? Perhaps behind an innocent hobby that you have been practicing for years lies a possible professional career.
  • What is the most important thing to you? Is the most important thing for you to help others? Maybe you prefer to have a recognized and well-paid job? Or maybe you prefer to have a lot of free time? Would you choose to do something you like, even if the financial compensation was not very high? It is clear that when choosing studies you must analyze what your expectations are in life and, on the other hand, if these studies will be able to satisfy them tomorrow.

As you can well perceive, the answers to these questions are very personal. Therefore, there are no right or wrong, better or worse answers. The ultimate goal is to know yourself, and the answers you get to these questions will be; that is, the conclusions you reach, which will help you make the right decision and allow you to finally decide which career to study.

Young boy deciding which career to study

Taking a vocational orientation test is a great help

On the other hand, from Choose Career we recognize that choosing which career to study is not an easy task. For this reason, we think it might be useful for you to support yourself in one of our evaluation tests. They will help you evaluate your personality, your tastes and interests, among other things, in order to choose those studies that could best suit you. And although we do not pretend that this conditions you, since you will be the one who will ultimately have to decide, the truth is that it can be a useful resource that helps you assess options that you had not noticed until that moment and that could well fit. with your profile.

We encourage you not to wait until the last moment to decide which degree to study. These are issues that you must deal with with time and without pressure. First of all, from Choose Career we want you to reach this Confucius maxim: “If you can work at what you like, you will not work for a single day.”