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A look at the fire fighting competitions in 2019

marzo 31, 2021

Galicia offers more than 260 places, one of the most numerous calls among the communities that have announced them and are still in force

Would you like to work as a firefighter or firefighter and contribute to the safety and well-being of citizens? Since these professionals work for public administrations, you should know that to get this type of job you have to have a vocation for service and overcome some oppositions, which normally summons the pertinent administration: state, autonomic, provincial or local.

The calls for public employment for firefighters or firefighters have already started and, although in some the application deadline has already passed, places are still being offered in different places. In Galicia, for example, the call is still in force.

Catalonia has also been one of the autonomous communities that has offered the most places, with 250 jobs. However, the application date for this call ended on February 22.

The requirements to apply for a firefighter or firefighter position vary depending on the entity that calls the oppositions, so it is recommended that, if you are interested in a place in a specific place, you keep up to date with the calls that are published, either through the website of the public bodies that call them or through their official bulletin, where the bases usually appear.

Through the websites of the Prevention, Fire Extinction and Rescue Consortia of each province you can also find information on the calls for firefighter or firefighter competitions, as well as on portals of training centers that prepare applicants for the tests. In Educaweb you will find courses that different entities offer to prepare you for the firefighter exams.

Galicia offers 269 places for its fire fighting services

Considered one of the autonomous communities with the most forest fires, more than 100,000 in the last 20 years, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Galicia is committed to swelling its fire department this year with a call for competitive examinations, the first to be held since 2006.

That is why the Xunta de Galicia has recently opened a call for 269 places to cover their fire services, of which 114 will be for forest firefighters, 80 for forest firefighters-motor pump drivers and 75 for emitters-vigilantes.

It is worth mentioning that, Of the 269 places, 66 will be reserved to be covered by internal promotion applicants, that is to say, intended exclusively for officials who are already part of the body, but want to occupy a new position. However, in the event that these reserved places cannot be covered, they will be added to those with free access.

Of the total number of places called, five will also be reserved for people with disabilities with a degree equal to or greater than 33%. In the event that no person with a disability opts for a place, these will be added to those with free access.

The deadline for submitting applications for this call ends on April 1, 2019 and the selection system will be carried out through a selective competition-opposition process, a modality that consists in that, in addition to the result of the tests that you have to take, your merits will be taken into account, such as training carried out (type and hours) , work experience (type, hours, tasks) etc.

In addition, The Xunta has announced that the academic qualification required to participate in the call will be the title of ESO or the equivalent; and that the minimum age to be eligible is to be 16 years old and not to exercise the maximum age of forced retirement. In addition, people who suffer from a disease or are affected by physical or mental limitation incompatible with the performance of functions or tasks may not participate in the selection process.

People who aspire to a position as a forest firefighter-motor pump driver will have to have a C and B driving license. In the case of forest firefighter positions, it is necessary to have a B driving license.

How will the tests be in Galicia?

The competition-opposition to apply for a firefighter position in Galicia will consist of three tests. The first will consist of answering in writing to a questionnaire of 80 multiple choice questions, of which 20 will correspond to the common part of the program (on the Spanish constitution, autonomy statute of Galicia, etc.), and 60 to the specific part (defense against forest fires in Galicia, forest districts, radio and communications network land, etc.), plus 5 reservation questions.

It is worth mentioning that, In the specific part of the first exam, some questions will vary depending on what type of firefighter position you choose. For example, if you are looking for a position as a forest firefighter-motor pump driver, some questions in the test will be related to the operation of this type of vehicle.

The second test, in the case of the forest firefighter-motor-pump driver and forest firefighter specialties, will consist of performing a physical examination which requires walking 3,200 meters on flat ground with a weight of 11 kilograms on the back in a maximum time of 30 minutes.

In the emitter-watchdog specialty, the second test examines distant visual acuity of the applicants, as well as their color vision.

All applicants must pass one more test to assess your knowledge of the Galician language, although people who prove that they have the Celga 3 certificate or equivalent may be exempt from doing it.

The dates for testing will be announced shortly. We recommend you to be aware and see more details of the contents of the tests in the bases of the call.

What it is a competition-opposition, after passing the tests you will go to the contest phase, whichWhat consists in having your merits valued: training, previous experience, etc. Once the applicants’ test results and their merits have been compiled, a court will analyze the information to determine who will be awarded the places.

Current opposition for firefighters and firefighters

Another recent offer to work as a firefighter is that of the Consortium for Prevention, Fire Extinction and Rescue of Tenerife, which has recently announced the first opposition in the last 10 years.

The call to apply for 10 firefighters places It will also serve to create a pool of 40 troops that will be able to access later as interns.

Next, see a table with information about other calls still in force. Keep in mind that more places could be called during the year, so we will update this information or we recommend that you consult the websites of public administrations.

Conveners Places offered Type of places * Type of opposition Application submission deadline


Huesca Provincial Council (Huesca) 24 places, 4 of them reserved for professional military personnel or troops and sailors who are in the last 10 years of their long-term commitment and for specially available reservists. Firefighter, Group C, subgroup C1 Free opposition March 27, 2019


Loja City Council (Granada) 5 seats Firefighter / driver, Group C, Subgroup C2 Free competition-opposition March 25, 2019
Motril City Council (Granada) 3 seater 2 for firefighters and 1 for firefighter / driver Free opposition March 26, 2019
Dos Hermanas Town Hall (Seville) 14 seats Firefighter driver, Group C, Subgroup C1 Free competition-opposition March 28, 2019
Levante Fire Extinction and Rescue Consortium (Almería) 18 seats Firefighter driver, Group C, subgroup C2 Free competition-opposition Earring

Castile and Leon

Leon City Council 16 seats Firefighter / driver Competition- free opposition Earring

Valencian Community

Valencia City Council 29 places 10 firefighter positions reserved for internal promotion and the rest (19) for free competitions Competition – free opposition and internal promotion Earring


Xunta de Galicia 269 ​​places (of which 66 are reserved for internal promotion and 5 for people with disabilities) 114 forest firefighter positions (28 reserved for internal promotion)

80 places of firefighter / forester-driver / motor-pump driver (20 reserved for internal promotion)

75 places of issuer-vigilante (5 places reserved for people with disabilities and 18 for internal promotion)

Free competition-opposition and internal promotion April 1, 2019

Canary Islands

Tenerife Consortium for Prevention, Fire Fighting and Rescue 10 places Firefighter-driver, group C, subgroup C1 and configuration of a reserve list. Free opposition April 5, 2019

The Rioja

Logroño City Council 8 seats Firefighter, group C, subgroup C1 March 27, 2019

Own elaboration based on information from the official gazettes of different autonomous communities and provinces, news from different media and information obtained from the website specialized in the subject of firefighters Target Firefighter.

* The type of places for firefighters can be firefighter, firefighter driver or vigilant emitter. When the type of position refers to Group C, subgroup C1 means that a bachelor’s or technical degree is required; while subgroup C2 refers to the fact that the position requires an ESO degree. More information in the section on Types of public employee by Educaweb

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