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About us

abril 4, 2021
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Our objetive

The main purpose of our student portal is to offer them a place to find the solution to their age-typical problems. Not only in regard to knowing what career to study but also to many other aspects of life such as personal development or relationships.

From here we propose to instill in our readers values ​​that we consider important in our daily lives. We want those who visit us to understand that we can go much further by being honest and persevering. Our young people are the future and we hope that with our grain of sand they can make a better society.

Our history

Choose Career was launched in 2012 because of a contest organized by Campus Party in collaboration with imjuve. The objective was to create a tool that would help young people to choose their university studies according to their profile.

After a crazy week designing, programming and consulting with specialists in the student guidance sector, our vocational test was born. Since then we have not stopped improving it and adding new sections such as the university directory and our interesting blog. In fact, hundreds of thousands of students have already benefited from our content.

Collaborate with us

Would you like to collaborate with us as a writer? Do you want to share your experiences as a student or teacher with others? Write to us at and tell us about yourself. We would love that you are a part of this.

The culprits

As we mentioned before, these are the culprits that our vocational guidance website exists:

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And don’t forget, we are here to help you. Enter our articles and leave us your concerns. It will be a pleasure to answer you.