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American Dual Baccalaureate –

marzo 31, 2021
22bachilleratodual American Dual Baccalaureate -

What is the American Dual Baccalaureate?

Would you like to learn English, get to know another culture different from yours and, in the not too distant future, study at an American university?

The American Dual Baccalaureate It is a Baccalaureate program that allows you to simultaneously study the Spanish Baccalaureate and the American Baccalaureate. In this way, you obtain two official Baccalaureate degrees: the Bachelor degree and the American High School Diploma.

Dual Baccalaureate

You can take this Baccalaureate by combining two training modalities. In person, you study the Spanish Baccalaureate in a state center and, in a on-line, you study the American Baccalaureate through Academica International Studies, a private US institution that provides educational services and is recognized as a public provider of online education.

Why choose the American Dual Baccalaureate?

This Baccalaureate option is very interesting if you plan to study abroad, improve your level of English or get an international experience.

Some of the reasons for taking the Dual Baccalaureate American are:

  • Improved level of English. The studies are carried out 100% in this language, which will help you improve your communication skills in this language.
  • Building your own learning process. The online study modality allows you to acquire skills for digital learning, while taking responsibility for when and how you want to learn.
  • Strengthening of digital skills. You will improve your digital skills related to learning processes.
  • Improvement of transversal skills. Responsibility, initiative, adaptability, flexibility or autonomy will be some of the skills that will allow you to successfully continue your studies and make the most of them.
  • Multiculturalism. As a student you will come into contact with other students from other countries and cultures.

How is the American Dual Baccalaureate structured?

You must take all of the Spanish Baccalaureate subjects in person and a part of the American Baccalaureate subjects in online mode. It is considered that it is not necessary to repeat content and as many subjects as possible are validated. From the American curriculum you will study 4 compulsory subjects and 2 electives.

The duration of this Baccalaureate is 4 years, allowing you a good balance between both studies. These studies generally they start in 3rd year of ESO up to 2nd year of Baccalaureate, but there is the possibility of reducing its duration and starting the program in 4th of ESO or 1st of Baccalaureate. Second year ESO students who have sufficient academic and personal maturity to complete these studies will also be able to access the program.

Regardless of the course you start this Baccalaureate, you must first pass a access test.

The distribution of subjects by course if you start in 3rd year of ESO is as follows:

3rd ESO English & Life Management Skills
4th ESO English & US History
1st Baccalaureate US Government / Economics
2nd Baccalaureate Optional

Some examples of subjects optional Among which you can choose are:

  • College Preparation (SAT-ACT)
  • Digital Photography
  • Criminology
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Global Studies

Can it be taken at any center?

You can only take this double degree in those centers that offer it. Currently there are more than 700 schools in which this diploma can be taken.

What can I study after the American Dual Baccalaureate?

Once these studies have been completed, you will be able to Access to college, both in Spain and in the United States.

In both cases, you must also meet the specific requirements for access to the university that interests you. In the Spanish case, you must pass the Baccalaureate Assessment for University Access (EvAU). To access American universities, you will have to pass the specific process of each university (letters of recommendation, transcripts, specific tests …), since each institution has its own admission process.

Apart from the American Dual Baccalaureate, there are other studies that allow you to obtain an international qualification, such as the Bachibac (double Spanish and French qualification) or the International Baccalaureate (international qualification).

Find out about all the modalities and options that the Baccalaureate offers you and find yours.