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Apps to learn French for free in 2020 🇫🇷

abril 4, 2021
mejores aplicaciones para aprender frances scaled Apps to learn French for free in 2020 🇫🇷

Learning a language is a great way to improve your resume. When it comes to doing this, it will be easier for you if you take advantage of the different tools that you have at your fingertips. In this article we recommend the best applications to learn French for free. On and it goes!

List of apps to learn French for free

They are ordered randomly. That means that neither the first has to be the best, nor the last the worst. You can dedicate yourself to using one every day and in the end decide which one suits you best. These are the main applications to learn French easily:


Among the different languages ​​that can be learned in Busuu is French. Inside you will find different levels of difficulty, exercises to practice and you can also get in contact with native people. It has both free and paid modes. Allows you to create notices and organize daily sessions in the agenda. If you click on this link you will get 30 days of premium account for free: Remember to cancel the subscription before those days pass if you don’t want to continue it.


It sure needs no introduction. This platform allows you to easily learn vocabulary, pronunciation, conjugate verbs, etc. The positive aspect for which it stands out is that everything is done as if it were a game. This makes it one of the funniest French learning apps.

Duolingo for Android

Duolingo for iOS


You have probably heard of Babbel before, as it is a veteran among applications to learn French. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge to start using it. By having voice recognition, you can perform pronunciation exercises. This application has been designed ford native people, which allows the dialogues you learn to be natural.

Babbel for Android

Babbel for iOS


This is another application that allows you to learn while you play. It has a syllabus divided into different practical lessons that you can use in your day to day. It also tests your reading and listening comprehension. If you are not one of those who like to spend hours studying at a desk, this is a highly recommended option. It is currently only available for iOS but they have plans to port the application to Android as well.

Mindsacks for iOS

Le Conjugueur

If the Latin languages ​​have something fun (and at the same time challenging and complex), it is their way of conjugating verbs. Of course, the Frenchman was not going to be left behind in this regard. But don’t worry, that’s what Le Conjugueur is for. This application to learn French is perfect if you want to solve doubts about how to write or pronounce some verb tense. It also allows you to carry out exercises both in the use of verbs in different situations, as well as in translation. Of course, this program should be used in a complementary way with any of the previous ones.

Le Conjugueur for Android

Le Conjugueur for iOS

Apps to learn French for free.
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Free apps to learn French

Although some of these applications to learn French may have paid content. However, your free part is more than enough to get you started. Later, if you consider it necessary, you can subscribe to deepen even more in the language.

Use the apps to learn French frequently

Finally, it is important to emphasize that you do not have to limit yourself to a single application. Each one has its own style and different teaching materials. So, you can install more than one and keep progressing using several of them simultaneously.

Don’t forget the importance of setting a schedule, either. Force yourself every day to spend a few minutes on these apps to learn French. If you establish a routine you will see how you improve much faster than you expected.

Is there any other free app that you would recommend for learning French? Leave us a comment! Merci beaucoup.