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The architecture studies they open the doors to a labor sector specialized in the design, rehabilitation and construction of urban and building projects. Depending on the orientation you want to give to your career, with this training you can become an architect or technical architect.

architecture studies

The architect is mainly responsible for the design of the buildings and supervises the entire construction process until its completion. For his part, technical architect He is the professional who is in charge of the construction phase of the projects, decides the materials, the procedures and supervises the construction of the buildings.

The Degree in architecture It is the one who qualifies as an architect. These studies aim to train students to design, project and control all phases of construction and rehabilitation of homes and other spaces.

Some of the fundamental subjects that are studied in the architecture degree are mathematics, physics, graphic expression, systems of structures, soil and foundations, urban planning, construction or construction management. Special emphasis is also placed on training future architects in respect for nature and the environment.

If your job preferences are more related to the building process, the architecture studies you should go to are the Degree in building engineering. The qualification obtained is that of technical architect. During the training period, applied mathematics and physics, graphic expression in buildings, topography, structures, construction materials or building law are worked on.

In addition to these two degrees, architecture studies also include other specialties such as degree in interior architecture, in naval architecture, the program of Senior Technician in Ephemeral Architecture. When you have finished your studies you can access masters general and more specific.

Another access route to construction-related professions is Vocational Training, such as the Higher Technician in building projects or the Construction Technician program.

Professional profile

Architecture studios call for people who have an interest in design and artistic ability and, specifically, for drawing, who have imagination and are capable of designing functional and aesthetically pleasing constructions for the environment.

Between the Personal characteristics that they must have is also the ability to solve problems; be able to visualize objects and spaces in three dimensions, communication skills, people skills and knowing how to work and coordinate teams.

It is also essential to work in the field of architecture to have planning and organization skills, to be precise and methodical in the execution of projects and to know how to make decisions.

In architecture studies, the development of competencies What:

  • Computer-aided design skills
  • Calculation of budgets and costs
  • Identification of problems and search for solutions
  • Decision-making ability
  • Know how to manage changes
  • Accept criticism
  • Result orientation
  • Negotiating capacity
  • Conduct inspections and supervise work
  • Communication and collaboration with other professionals
  • Knowledge of building and safety regulations

Professional outings

The work environment of architectural professionals was affected by the crisis, but currently the job prospects are more positive.

People who carry out architecture studies can enter the labor market as architects. This professional can work on different types of projects, from the planning of new homes and urban conglomerates to the rehabilitation of existing buildings and homes.

His responsibilities are related to the design of the plans according to the indications of the clients, the planning of the type of construction, the materials and the cost of the work. They are also in charge of investigating the grounds and contacting town planners, building control officials, and health and safety regulations.

What technical architects some of the activities and functions are similar to that of architects. But these professionals are oriented to the control of building processes. His responsibilities are related to drawing up plans, choosing materials and monitoring all construction phases. To do this, he coordinates his work with the architect, the surveyor and other professionals in the sector.

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