Biological and Agricultural Sciences Test

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Biological and Agricultural Sciences Test

This is the vocational orientation test for Biological and Agricultural Sciences. Answer all the questions by selecting one of the options. Once you have answered all the questions, click on the “Finish” button and you will get the result.

Are you worried about the environmental crisis that the planet is experiencing and would you like to make it disappear?

Do you enjoy making proposals to improve the environment?

Are you fit for math, physics, and related science?

Does it attract your attention to know the social and economic conditions of the rural population?

How about spending time in the field and observing it?

Do you identify with the phrase “I am apt to make decisions, convince and suggest to others”?

Do you value safety and hygiene and promote them?

Do you care about the protection of the environment and would you like to belong to an ecological group?

Do you consider yourself skilled in math and chemistry?

Can you handle yourself perfectly in topics related to physics, chemistry and geology?

Would you like to work in a laboratory researching and seeking cures for diseases, discovering vaccines, etc.?

Are you worried about knowing the human and animal body?

Do you normally separate your household garbage to be able to recycle it?

Are you attracted to topics related to proteins, hormones and / or microorganisms?

How often do you read scientific articles?

If you have come this far, it means that it is time to know the result of your Biological and Agricultural Sciences test. To find out which careers in this branch of knowledge are the most appropriate for you, click on the following button:

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