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Career opportunities for law graduates

marzo 31, 2021
If you are interested in defending the rights, duties and freedoms of people, if you like to advise individuals and companies and represent individuals or groups, you can direct your professional career towards the law. Law graduates possess the necessary knowledge to study the legal norms that govern a society and know how to interpret and apply legal norms.

Among the main professional outings to which they can choose with this training are lawyer, judge, notary, legal advisor, diplomat or teacher. The first step to exercise any of these professions is to acquire the appropriate training, which in this case is through the Degree in Law. In this career, students study subjects such as Roman law, contract law, public international law, Spanish judicial system, legal theory of crime or forced execution, and special civil proceedings, among others.

Professional profile

Although in principle anyone can practice this profession, it is advisable to gather a series of competencies and skills to better fit in this work environment. By having to speak and represent individuals and companies, the communicative ability is essential. It is important to have good oral and written expression, as well as knowing how to listen and empathize with the interlocutors. On the other hand, they must always know how to maintain objectivity and knowing how to work in situations with great moral and ethical burden.

Among the characteristics of law graduates, the ability to logical thinking, analytical and the synthesis capacity. In general, they should be people with great intuition, critical spirit, extroverts, tolerant, flexible and with the capacity of persuasion.

To these skills are added a series of competencies transversal courses that are worked on during the law degree, such as:

  • Teamwork
  • Know how to speak in public
  • Argumentation
  • Bargaining power
  • Decision making
  • Adaptation and reaction to changes
  • Crisis management

Professional outings

The degree in law forms a versatile professionals who can carry out jobs in companies in very diverse fields. They can practice their profession privately or for the public or private sector.

Currently, job prospects for these professionals are good. The VI Spring Professional Report on degrees with more professional opportunities carried out by Adecco places the degree in law in eighth position among the careers with the highest demand for professionals by companies, and the degree in law and criminology occupies position number 13 in this ranking.

Regarding functions and activities that these professionals can play in the labor market are also many possibilities. It highlights any of the specialties of law that can be practiced as a civil, criminal, commercial, labor, procedural, international or fiscal lawyer. They can also opt for advising companies and individuals or entering the judicial and fiscal career.

Other activities that a law graduate can carry out are court attorney; Judicial secretary; notary; recorder; State Attorney; judge; labor or finance inspector or lawyer of the Parliament, among others.

Among the professional opportunities to which these graduates can choose, it is worth highlighting two positions that, given the high degree of competitiveness of companies, are strategic for the achievement of corporate objectives. They are the position of director of human resources and the HR Business Partner.

These positions, according to the Adecco Professional Report Most Wanted of 2015, They are among the most requested and listed by companies in Spain. For the post of HR director They are looking for, among other profiles, law graduates. Their performance is key to the selection, retention and development of the company’s talent. They are in charge of designing and implementing the policies that allow having a united, committed team aligned with the firm’s objectives.

In addition to the search for talent, they are in charge of designing remuneration systems, training and development plans or succession plans.

For the figure of HR Business Partner Law graduates are also sought. This figure, according to the aforementioned Adecco study, will be one of the most sought after in the coming years by multinational companies that need to serve all their business lines.

The HR Business Partner is responsible for putting into practice the firm’s selection, training and development policies in all the countries where they are present, adapting them to the peculiarities of each business unit.

If you are Mexican and you are interested in law, this post explains what are the professional opportunities in the sector and here a special post about what legal sociology consists of.