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Career opportunities for Sociology

marzo 31, 2021
The analysis and study of the different social groups; the behaviors of individuals in different groups; the search for the reasons and motives that cause these behaviors; the appearance of new groups and changes in social structures are some of the aspects in which sociology professionals work.

In general, they are professionals who demonstrate a high degree of sensitivity to conflict, who are concerned about the problems and situations that generate tension in social groups, who are interested in the analysis of changes throughout history and that make estimates of the possible future behaviors.

If your objective is to work in this professional field, one of the ways to acquire the necessary knowledge is by taking the Sociology Degree offered by different universities in the country. Throughout this degree you will study subjects such as contemporary history, fundamentals of political science, social psychology or social anthropology. There are also more practical subjects such as information use and search techniques, oral and written expression techniques, qualitative social research techniques or political representation and electoral analysis.

Professional profile

There are a series of qualities and capacities that allow to have a greater competence to work as a sociologist. To perform the functions of sociologist, the following capacities are important, among others:

One particularity of sociology professionals is that they must be objective, have the ability to be realistic, make their observations without getting involved and not get carried away by their feelings. It is also essential that they know how to be critical of what they have to analyze, but at the same time accurate and comprehensive. Of course, to develop the work of sociologist it is essential to be methodical and orderly, especially for the work of analysis and research.

In addition, during academic training, special emphasis is placed on developing a series of competencies They are between them:

  • Know how to collect information and interpret relevant data for subsequent analysis
  • Ability to find arguments that justify and support conclusions
  • Issue judgments with reflections on issues of a social, ethical or political nature
  • Decision making and proposals to solve problems of different origin
  • Communication capacity to transmit data, analysis, conclusions and possible solutions to all types of public

Job opportunities and prospects

The job opportunities and prospects of sociology professionals are currently very diversified. There is a demand for these professionals for advice in public and private organizations, for the activation and expansion of cultural programs, for the implementation of social projects for different groups or for the design of training and integration plans.

The VI Spring Professional Report on degrees with more professional opportunities carried out by Adecco, places the degree of sociology in the position 50 of the careers most demanded by companies.

Although it is in the lower part of the ranking, the job opportunities for these professionals to join the job market in public administrations, private companies, non-governmental organizations or research centers, among others, stand out.

Regarding the functions and activities developed by sociologists within the different institutions highlight the advice in unions, NGOs, city councils or foundations; the management and evaluation of social, environmental, language policy and urban planning policies, as well as the design, preparation and analysis of quantitative and qualitative statistics and research.

Another of the most common professions as a sociologist is political documentarian, which is responsible for collecting information and documentation for members of parliaments, assemblies or parties.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the profession of social researcher, which collects and analyzes information for governments, study centers or companies that need market research.

If you are interested in legal sociology, we leave you with a specific post about the profile and job opportunities that exist.