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Career opportunities in pedagogy

marzo 31, 2021
pedagogia2.0 Career opportunities in pedagogy

The pedagogue He is the professional of pedagogy, he is the person who has the qualities of a teacher and is qualified to instruct people. He is also a professional with experience in the field of education, understood in its broadest meaning, and therefore the pedagogue can intervene in the design, planning and evaluation of training projects in fields such as teaching, social services, justice , the publisher, and so on.

pedagogia2.0 Career opportunities in pedagogy

The scope of work of pedagogy is very wide and these professionals carry out their functions in sectors and companies of different kinds.

If you want to orient your professional career towards the world of pedagogy, one of the best options is to complete the Degree in Pedagogy. You can take these studies in many universities in Spain and, during the four years that the training lasts, you will acquire the skills, knowledge and skills necessary to work as a pedagogue in both formal and informal educational fields.

Study subjects of the Degree in Pedagogy

Among the subjects that are addressed in the Degree in Pedagogy we find the history of education or the history of pedagogical thought. In these subjects, a journey is made of the evolution and development of the different educational methods and systems. Psychology is also very important in this degree, that is why there are several subjects that address from general aspects to more specific areas such as psychobiology or vocational psychology. You can consult more subjects of the Degree in Pedagogy in the Educaweb study dictionary.

Professional profile and skills

When a person considers guiding his professional career towards the world of pedagogy, his concerns and interests are related to help and contribute to educate and train the elderly, young people and children.

In order to develop the profession of pedagogue with greater competence, it is important to have this predisposition and a series of characteristics and capacities that will facilitate performance. However, even if your profile does not meet all these characteristics, it does not mean that you cannot be a good pedagogical professional, because many skills can be acquired during the training process.

In general, to work in any of the fields of pedagogy, skills such as:

  • Observation
  • Logic reasoning
  • Analisis and synthesis capacity
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Ability to organize and monitor the plans developed.

Regarding the personality of these professionals, it is recommended that they be people with ease to empathize with others, extroverts, communicative, observers and responsible.

Among the necessary competencies of a pedagogue, which are also developed during university training, are the ability to work in diverse teams and with multicultural groups, ability to adapt and solve problems, decision-making, ethical commitment to the profession or motivation for achievement.

Job prospects

The job opportunities for pedagogues are varied, the range of sectors and companies where they can practice their profession is expanding every year. The pedagogues are not limited only to work in the school environment, but their actions extend to other fields such as social, cultural or business.

Between the functions and activities performed by pedagogues in the labor market we find the following:

  • Teaching
  • Design and production of educational programs
  • Coordination and advice of study plans and training programs
  • Management functions in training centers and schools
  • Attention and development of specific plans for social and cultural services
  • Design of reception plans
  • Pedagogical care in prisons
  • Design and implementation of social cooperation projects
  • Training of trainers
  • Drafting and conceptualization of pedagogical materials and free time activities

With all this, professional outings They include the technical direction of centers, curricular and school planner, adviser in educational policy and didactic methods and techniques, educational informatics, specialized education, sociocultural animation, health education or socio-educational research, among others.

Between the Professions Who can practice as a pedagogue is a professional counselor, head of training or adult education teacher, but also a youth advisor or youth informant. Many options to guide your career path.

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