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Courses to overcome stage fright and learn to speak in public

marzo 31, 2021
comunicacionmiedohablarpublico2.0 Courses to overcome stage fright and learn to speak in public

Speaking in public is imposing. Few are the people who feel calm and safe in front of a group of people before whom they have to speak and present a topic. Fortunately, the ability to speak in public does not have to be innate, it can be learned.

Public speaking It is not just giving a lecture or making a presentation in front of a large group of people; Public speaking is participating in a meeting, making a presentation to a client, speaking with vendors, or having a conversation one to one, for example in a job interview. And all these situations occur in the day to day of your professional and personal life.

It is true that there are people who have greater speaking skills and do better in these situations, but we can all learn to handle the situation and speak in public in a clear, dynamic way that hooks people.

comunicacion(miedohablarpublico)2.0 Courses to overcome stage fright and learn to speak in public

Specialized programs

Improving public speaking skills is achieved with practice, but also by following the guidelines and advice of experts. In the market there are various specialized programs, courses and workshops what do they teach that is effective communication, how to prepare and structure the presentation and how to speak in public.

To carry out these programs there are no special requirements, it is only essential to attend with a positive and participatory attitude. Among the training offers there are general courses and other more specific ones focused on a specific aspect, depending on the public to whom you want to communicate or adapted to the professional profile of the person. Thus, we find courses on effective communication strategies and how to speak in public; how to overcome stage fright and shyness and speak in public; stress management for public speaking or public speaking course with effective presentations.

There’s also masters focused on communication that address different aspects of oral presentations such as the Master MBA communication and public relations.

Objective of the programs

The objective of these courses is to teach the student the tools and techniques necessary to reduce fear and stress, know the different speaking techniques and develop social skills in interpersonal communication. In this way the students will be able to transmit messages effectively and that are interesting and attractive to the audience.

To achieve a final result that satisfies the public and with which the speaker enjoys, one of the first aspects that must be dealt with is mastering stage fright. That fear that paralyzes us, that can leave us speechless or stuttering. To do this, you learn to control anxiety, stress and shyness.

For one efficient communication you have to learn to develop all its elements. That is why in these courses the non-verbal communication, what do my hands say, my posture, my gestures, my gaze, and so on. You also learn to handle and enhance different aspects of the Verbal communication such as tone, speed, pauses, emphasis or rhythm, which allow to reinforce the content and transmit energy. Another fundamental part of oral communication are social skills. That is, how do you connect with the public, how do you engage them with our message and how do you interact with them; because there are situations in which you have to answer your questions or deal with difficult people who require us to redirect the situation or make changes in the program that we have established.

Another objective of the programs to learn to speak in public is to work the presentation, the content of what we want to convey. To do this, they teach how to structure and prepare the presentation so that the key ideas are fixed in the mind of the public, how to control the times or how to end the intervention.


During the courses to learn to speak in public, the development of a series of competencies that facilitate public speaking stands out. They are between them:

Professional perspectives

The skills, abilities and competencies that are acquired with a course to learn to speak in public can significantly improve career prospects. Knowing how to speak in public contributes to our professional development and can open the doors to positions of greater responsibility in companies, holding positions in which meetings or exhibitions have to be held with company personnel, clients and suppliers.

It also allows you to orient your professional career to jobs in media, What tour guide, event entertainer, public relations, sales or teaching. Of course, knowing how to speak in public also enables you to work as lecturer.

We leave you here with some tips to prepare your speech when speaking in public.