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Discover the technique that helps you study

marzo 31, 2021
tecnicasestudio Discover the technique that helps you study

Study techniques

The study techniques They are a set of strategies and tools that can help you study better. Some of these techniques are reading and underlining, summaries, concept maps, or practical exercises.

study techniques

It is important that you know all the possible study methods in order to choose the one that best suits your habits and skills. In this way, you will personalize the way you study. If you are easy to synthesize, the summary can be advantageous, if on the contrary you have visual memory and capture the graphic information, the scheme is the technique indicated for you.

Main study techniques

Reading and underlining

The reading It is the first contact with the agenda. This should be done calmly, understanding what you read and trying relate to what you already know. It is advisable to carry out a first approximation reading, and then a second reading in which to fully understand the different ideas and underline all the key concepts.

The underlined it has to be only about the relevant aspects of the text. You should not underline everything, only those most important words or phrases.

Once this is done, it is important to make sure that you have understood everything. To check it you can explain it in your own words to someone else or yourself.


The resume of the topics involves highlighting the main ideas of the text read, without making exact copies of the sentences, but trying to say the same thing but with their own words. It is important that it is a reliable writing to be able to continue studying through it, with short paragraphs that include the keywords to remember from the main text.

Summarizing is a technique that ensures you understand the syllabus and that you will later use in the exam to answer with more certainty. The presentation of the abstract should be good, with clear letters, as it helps you better study the content. You can add colors to highlight the main ideas, and above all, number the sheets of paper so that they are always in order.


The scheme consists of making a good graphic representation of the syllabus and a summary of what you have previously read but in a more agile and visual format. This way you will be able to retain the position of the concepts that you have noted in the diagram, relating the information, always from a visual and graphic perspective. The conceptual maps are an example of this type of study.

It is important that you identify the main idea, this is the best way to start any outline or summary. This will help you in the subsequent oral or written evaluation, since you will understand the relationship between concepts much better, and if different questions arise, you will be able to link and relate all the learnings more easily.

Conceptual maps

If you memorize the scheme but still haven’t fully understood the connection between concepts, it will be difficult for you to answer if you are asked unexpected questions or presented in a different way.

Therefore, any scheme must be thought of to help you better understand the agenda, without the intention of memorizing only the order in which the main ideas are or memorizing the words. It is better that you understand the relationship between the concepts you have written down after reading or summarizing.

In the conceptual maps colors can be included to clearly differentiate the main ideas or the hierarchy concepts, use geometric shapes to mark differences, uppercase or lowercase letters, representative drawings, arrows, etc.

It is a study technique that helps boost your creativity, that develops your visuospatial capacity in connecting concepts, and that all this influences the way you organize and distribute key concepts. The higher the order and classification, the easier it will be to visualize.

You can do a concept map in different ways: you can make several smaller concept maps, and then a larger map, with the main ideas that encompass all the small maps or, on the contrary, make a single concept map with all the information .

Practical exercises and tests

Some subjects require practice rather than memorization. You can perform different practical exercises or test to help you evaluate your knowledge.

If you have practiced many times how to solve an equation or a type of problem, you will surely know how to do it for the exam. You can too ask possible questions that could appear on the quiz to practice your answer. You can do it by creating flashcards, cards that on the one hand is the question and on the other the answer.

Taking a test will also help you assess your knowledge and learn to read the questions and answers carefully. The tests are very advisable for those exams that are of this type. Practicing with similar questions will help you prepare better.

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