discover what it is and what it is for

nuevo modelo educativo discover what it is and what it is for

Throughout your life as a student it is possible that you will go through different educational models, even if you don’t know it. In this article we will explain what they are and what they are for. In addition, we will show you an example of an educational model that will help you better understand what they consist of.


It is a bit difficult to define this term without using too many technical words and, ultimately, not very understandable. So let’s try to be as clear as possible. The educational model is a set of educational or pedagogical approaches that will guide teachers in their teaching process. Simplifying: they are a series of rules that determine how the education of a country should be imparted. All this allows teachers to develop coherent study plans in a simpler way.

What is an educational model for?

The raison d’être of educational models is to allow an education to be as homogeneous as possible. What does this mean? That, if you are studying in a school and you move to the other side of your country, the type of education you will receive will be the same. If there were no educational model, each teacher could teach whatever they wanted and it would all be quite anarchic.

Types of educational model.
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Traditional model

One of the typical educational models is the traditional one. In this approach, the teacher is actively in charge of education and the student plays a passive role. Learning is based on the repetition of what the teacher teaches. In addition, all the information that the student will need is in their textbooks.

New educational model

Surely, the aforementioned makes you archaic and very boring. Fortunately, times change and teaching methods evolve for the better. This is precisely what has happened with the new educational model in Mexico. With the aim of revolutionizing education in this country, a new way of training and educating young people has been implemented.

One of the most renowned educational institutions, the Monterrey Technical Institute, has become a benchmark nationwide in terms of this new educational model.

The approach of their training plan, called Model Tec 21, is totally practical since they carry out half of the teaching in classrooms and the other half outside of them, in the real world that students will have to face in the future . This will allow them to apply the theory in real challenges. In addition, among the skills they develop in students are:

  • Self-knowledge and management
  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • Social intelligence
  • Ethical and citizen commitment
  • Reasoning to face complexity
  • Communication
  • Digital transformation

All this together with the acquired knowledge, attitudes and values, will make young people outstanding professionals in their field.

The diversity of educational models

As you have seen in this article, there are many educational models. As you might expect, each has its own pros and cons. However, it is always about that all progress is to generate a higher quality teaching. And you, do you think your educational model is up to date? Do you think anything should be changed?

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