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Doctoral studies, what are they?

marzo 31, 2021
que es docotrado Doctoral studies, what are they?

What is the doctorate?

If you like to discover, investigate and innovate, the doctorate is the studies that will allow you to delve into a specific field and generate knowledge.

The doctorate It is a type of studies whose essential activity consists of deepening the study of a subject related to the degree or master’s degree that has been studied. The training ends with the development and defense of a doctoral thesis that incorporates the original results of the scientific research carried out.

What is the doctorate?

Currently, the official university system It is organized into first cycle studies (degrees), second cycle (official master’s degrees) and third cycle (doctorates). That is why the title of doctor constitutes the higher academic degree that can be achieved.

Its duration varies between a minimum duration 3 years full time and 5 years part time, depending on personal circumstances.

There is the possibility of completing all or part of a doctorate abroad, as well as obtaining the title of international doctorate If you meet a minimum of internationalization during your doctorate, such as a minimum stay of 3 months abroad or the presentation of part of the thesis in a foreign language that is common for communications in your scientific field.

How to access the doctorate?

In general, to access these studies you have to be in possession of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and a official master’s degree or equivalent, and have passed a total of 300 credits in both teachings.

Each university can establish other specific requirements for the selection of candidates. Some examples can be:

  • Academic record.
  • Professional experience.
  • Research experience.
  • Knowledge of languages.

Some doctorates may require training supplements specific to access.

How can I finance my doctoral studies?

Normally, scholarships to finance the costs of tuition for doctoral studies are associated with the predoctoral contracts, employment contracts between the researcher and the university where the research is carried out. Public bodies offer grants to promote this type of contract and promote research training in doctoral programs.

  • Predoctoral contracts of the Ministry of Education and Professional Training.
    • Aid for the training of university teachers (FPU): scholarships for the completion of doctoral theses in Spanish universities. They allow progress in the achievement of the doctorate degree and the acquisition of university teaching skills in exchange for a monthly financial allowance for four years.
    • Predoctoral grants for the “Salvador de Madariaga” program: aid to carry out doctoral studies at the IUE (European University Institute of Florence) in legal, economic-business, political-sociological or humanities matters. Beneficiaries will receive a salary while they carry out their doctoral thesis and collaborate in research activities for four years.
  • Predoctoral contracts of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.
    • Grants from the state program for the Promotion of Talent and Employability in R + D + i: grants aimed at pre-doctoral recruitment to carry out a research project in universities or companies (in the case of industrial research projects).
  • Pre-doctoral contracts of the Ministries of Education or universities of the different autonomous communities.
  • Predoctoral contracts of the universities.

There are also private entities that announce scholarships and grants to study a doctorate at the national or international level.

  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarships: scholarships to carry out training programs in Germany for doctoral students and researchers.
  • INPhINIT PhD scholarships from “la Caixa”: grants for hiring students of any nationality to carry out their doctoral project at universities or research centers in Spain or Portugal.
  • Fulbright scholarships: scholarships for students who are doing their doctoral thesis in Spain and wish to develop pre-doctoral research projects in the United States.
  • Fundación Carolina Scholarships: scholarships for Latin American students who wish to undertake a doctoral program in Spain.
  • Santander scholarships: grants aimed at promoting research activity and international mobility of doctoral students.

Would you be interested in doing a PhD? Do you meet the requirements? If so, you can start looking for the doctorates that exist to find the one that corresponds to your interests and training.