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EAE Business School allocates 3 million euros in study aid in the face of the COVID-19 crisis

marzo 31, 2021
EAE Business School and its community alumni have allocated a fund of 3 million euros in study aid to alleviate the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis among current students, who have started their master’s degree this May and future students who will do so in November.

Before the COVID 19 crisis, 25% of students benefited from scholarships and study aid and now, thanks to this fund, the number of students who will be able to access them to study one of the EAE Business School master’s degrees it has increased to 40%.

With this initiative, EAE highlights its commitment to society, making training more accessible in a labor context in full transformation, full of new challenges and in need of leaders capable of facing contexts of greater uncertainty.

This action is part of the campaign We are ready With which EAE not only allocates more financial resources so that candidates and students can continue training, but also expands, advances and adapts professional career services to current circumstances. The aim is to offer the necessary support and guidance in terms of employability, both to current and future students who will start their training program in the autumn call.

The EAE scholarship program

In its scholarship program, EAE places special emphasis on promoting the best students, women in management positions and entrepreneurship. The Scholarship for Academic Excellence Awarded to the candidate with the highest GPA or grade point average on their transcript and, in addition, a scholarship is awarded Academic Excellence for people with at least 33% disability.

Another of the scholarships that EAE offers is that of the Executive Woman, in which the grade record, responsibilities and managerial positions and their experience in this position of the student susceptible to receive it are valued.

On the other hand, to the Entrepreneurship scholarship Anyone who has created a company can choose (with income per year of application) and is awarded taking into account the profitability, innovation and scalability of the business idea, the entrepreneur’s CV, and the GPA in their degree record .

The EAE Business School scholarship plan offers an opportunity to sectors with less real visibility in the company, empowers entrepreneurship to boost the business fabric and create value and wealth in society, and bet on the best talent in the classrooms. Now, With the COVID-19 crisis, it facilitates access to training at a time when the economic capacity of citizens has decreased.

Likewise, EAE Business School offers its students the possibility of opting for interest-free financing when completing one of the school’s programs.

Other initiatives: Professional Impact

Among the different initiatives of We are ready, highlights the plan Professional Impact for overtake and give access to Professional Career Service, from the moment the student enrolls in the School and prior to the start of the academic year. In this way, the future student can begin to address and work on making their professional aspirations more tangible from the first moment. This service represents a differential asset compared to other business schools.

The objective is to know as soon as possible who you are and where you want to go and to give you tools to guide your professional challenge, so that you can complement the knowledge and skills that the program in which you have enrolled will provide you. The process consists of three stages: evaluation and diagnosis, construction of the value proposition in the market and an annual action plan to achieve the goal.

Professional practices

Likewise, in the face of the COVID_19 crisis, EAE Business School has also launched the professional internship program for EA-tE help. In collaboration with CEOE, the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Valladolid and CEAJE Young Entrepreneurs They are developing the project ‘Companies that help’ throughout the months of May, June, July and August.

More than 40 companies, such as the international executive talent search firm Odgers Berndtson, They have already requested different projects from EAE students. These projects are related to digital transformation, process improvement and optimization, business plan redesign, a e-commerce plan, communication strategies and Responsibility Social Corporate, marketing plan, business continuity and contingency plans, optimization of logistics processes, project management tools, training design on-line, website design and content, financial plan, human resources, business expansion to Latin America, compliance or risk management, among others.

This program offers students the opportunity to develop and expand their professional and educational experience. contribute with all their knowledge to the improvement of companies, to reactivate the economy in the new context arising from the coronavirus.