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Event and Wedding Organizer Course (Weding Planner) semi-face-to-face by Fomento Profesional

marzo 31, 2021


The Wedding Planner course and event organizer prepares professionals who want to start a new career in one of the most innovative sectors of the moment.

This course was born in response to the great demand that exists today for wedding coordinators by the bride and groom, but also by companies or organizations that want to hold a special event and that, due to lack of time to coordinate it, delegate its organization to professionals. .

The wedding planner and Event Organizer course has been developed by professionals in the sector with extensive experience. The course focuses on all the basic elements and details of planning events and weddings, ranging from the personal interview with the bride and groom, through the guest list, the hiring of suppliers to the evaluation of the wedding or event. .

Our students thus acquire the necessary knowledge and receive the support they need to become successful business owners. The last module of your course focuses on how to start a successful business in the wedding and event creation industry, as today it is a very lucrative business for wedding planners and coordinators.

This course is intended for people with or without experience in the sector of the creation and organization of events, weddings and protocol, who wish to become professional and develop work in this area. The topics to be discussed have been developed without assuming any prior knowledge of the subjects under study.

In addition, this course may be aimed at people who wish to direct their professional career to work related to the management of protocol events and the organization and creation of weddings and companies related to the sector.

Module 1. Protocol and public relations

Topic 1. Introduction to the protocol
Topic 2. The business protocol
Topic 3. Public relations.
Topic 5. Complaints, suggestions and claims.

Module 2. Wedding protocol
Unit 1. Protocol of invitations and guests to a wedding.
Item 2. Ceremony protocol.
Unit 3. Protocol of the wedding banquet.
Unit 4. Cancellation of a wedding.

Module 3. Events
Topic 1. Communication with customers
Topic 2. The commercialization of events
Topic 3. Organization of the events department
Unit 4. Event planning.
Topic 5. Supervision of events.

Module 4. Marketing
Topic 1. Introduction to tourism marketing
Unit 2. Market research and consumer behavior.
Topic 3. Segmentation of tourism markets
Unit 4. Marketing MIX: Product and price.
Topic 5. Marketing MIX: Distribution and promotion.
Unit 6. New technologies applied to marketing.
Unit 7. The marketing plan.
Unit 8. Consumerism.
Unit 9. Tourism marketing planning and tools.
Topic 10. Marketing MIX.

Module 5. Wedding providers
Topic 1. Choice of Suppliers
Unit 2. Choice of the place of the banquet and restoration.
Unit 3. Beauty, styling, clothes and accessories.
Unit 4. Photography and video.
Unit 5. List of weddings and invitations.
Unit 6. The honeymoon
Unit 7. Entertainment, music and transportation.
Unit 8. Florist and decoration.
Topic 9. Other providers

Module 6. Timing of a Wedding.
Topic 1. Previous steps
Item 2. 12 to 9 months before the wedding.
Item 3. 8 to 6 months before the wedding.
Item 4. 5 to 4 months before the wedding.
Item 5. 3 to 1 month before the wedding.
Item 6. 15 days before the wedding on day B.

Module 7. The company. Wedding planner
Unit 1. The figure of the Wedding Planner.
Unit 2. Analysis and market research for the creation of a company.
Topic 3. The wedding organization company.
Unit 4. Process of creating a company.
Unit 5. Weddings in Spain.