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Exact Science Test

abril 4, 2021
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Exact Science Test

This is the Exact Sciences vocational orientation test. Answer all the questions by selecting one of the options. Once you have answered all the questions, click on the “Finish” button and you will get the result.

Are you good at calculating frequencies?

When making a purchase, do you calculate the change they have to give you back?

When you have to make a graph …

Are you good at math facts?

Do you enjoy experimenting with different substances?

Are you interested in researching topics of technological advances?

Would you like to design and manufacture products?

Do you have a keen interest in natural phenomena?

Do you master the steps of the scientific method?

Do you enjoy doing experiments related to physical laws?

Do you value the environment and encourage its care?

Would you like to analyze seismic, volcanic phenomena, etc.?

Are you interested in research papers?

Are you resourceful, curious and do I like math, physics and chemistry?

Are you interested in knowing the mining industry and participating in civil works?

Would you enjoy building dams and underground works?

Do you have the ability to adapt to different programming languages?

Do you find it interesting to know how computers communicate with each other?

Would you like to apply your knowledge in problem solving?

If you’ve come this far, it means that it’s time to know the result of your Exact Sciences test. To find out which careers in this branch of knowledge are the most appropriate for you, click on the following button:

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