Fall in love with a teacher. What to do if you like your teacher?

enamorarse maestro universidad Fall in love with a teacher. What to do if you like your teacher?

I like my teacher

“I fell in love with my teacher, what do I do?” “My college teacher drives me crazy, is that a bad thing?” Surely these words have been around your head sometime and, if not, you will have a friend who is in this situation. For a student to fall in love with a teacher is a very common thing in school or college. But what should you do if you like your teacher? It’s an imposible romance? Does the age difference matter? Not sure if you should date him? I give you the answer to everything related to falling in love with a teacher.

When you read the article you will see that it is aimed at female students in love with teachers, since it is what happens most frequently. However, all the advice given is also applicable in the case of students who like a teacher.

Why do girls fall in love with teachers

If you are reading this it is because you like or have liked a teacher. You may even wonder how to tell if your teacher likes you. So let’s start at the beginning. How is it possible that a girl likes her teacher? It’s not crazy?

There can be many reasons for a girl to notice her teacher. Although this situation usually occurs normally in more shy and romantic girls, no one is safe from developing these feelings.

Fall in love with a teacher because of his qualities

The truth is that women like to have a man by their side who takes care of them and values ​​them. As is normal, during adolescence, boys are crazy. They think they know everything, they think they are the most handsome, they walk as if all the girls had to fall at their feet. In short, they are the complete opposite of what a woman wants.

So if schoolmates aren’t what girls want, where do they find the “perfect man”? The answer is easy: in the teachers. In most cases, a teacher is an adult, mature person, with a university education, who knows how to treat others with respect and with a well-defined personality.

Basically, if a girl finds a smart man, who is clear about what he wants and if he happens to be handsome, you have a good chance of becoming her ideal boy. When you get to this point it is very easy to fall in love, without taking into account important aspects such as who is your teacher or, mainly, the age difference.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that the touch makes the affection. Just as we appreciate a friend when we spend a lot of time with him, it also happens when living with a teacher. Every week we see him in class, we talk to him and he may even play a joke on us. Therefore, it is not surprising that emotional ties can develop.

Falling in love with a teacher because it is something forbidden and exciting

Surely you have ever heard the phrase that we want what we do not have. Indeed, this is another factor when it comes to falling in love with a teacher. The more difficult something is, the more we want it, especially when it is something impossible or unattainable. It is very likely that being with that teacher is not something that fulfills you or that you do it because you are really in love. However, the challenge it entails, due to the difficulty it entails, prompts you to do so. In fact, in many cases, when you manage to overcome all impediments and establish a relationship with that person, you lose all interest. Why? Well, because there is no longer that incentive that made it so exciting.

Falling in love with a teacher is very common.

Is it bad to fall in love with a teacher?

That you like a teacher is not a bad thing. Having feelings for another person is part of our nature. Our life would be meaningless without love. In addition, during youth hormones are a bit crazy and, of course, even if you don’t want that, it affects you. So don’t think you’ve done something wrong if you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see your teacher. We are all human and it is wonderful to fall in love.

Do I have true love for my teacher?

You constantly repeat to yourself “I’m in love with my teacher.” But are you sure what you say? Something very common is idealizing teachers. This causes that you do not see its defects but that the good things that it has are oversized, that is, much greater than they really are. However, true love is based on knowing the other person very well and despite their mistakes or shortcomings, loving them equally.

On the contrary, if what drives you crazy about him is his appearance, what you feel is physical attraction. It is not a bad thing that you like a person because of their appearance. But you must bear in mind that appearances can be deceiving. Although a person is beautiful on the outside, it does not mean that he is beautiful on the inside. And finally, that you like what you see does not mean that it is love, only attraction.

Another thing you should assess is how often this happens to you. Do you fall in love followed by different teachers? Each school year do you like a different teacher? If when you start a new course you start to like another teacher, it will mean that what you really felt was appreciation and esteem, nothing more.

In conclusion, I cannot give you an answer as to whether it is love or not. You must be the one who analyzes your case rationally, or what is the same, with your head and not with your heart. Only then can you come to the correct conclusion. And if you’re not sure, ask your parents for help. They want the best for you and although it may seem restrictive at times, everything they do is for your good.

How to know if a teacher is in love with a student

When a student falls in love with her teacher, it is natural that she wants to find out if it is a reciprocal feeling, just as you would with any other boy. Also, you may not like him, but you feel like he treats you in a special way and you’re not sure why he does. For these reasons, I want to give you some tips that will help you answer that question that keeps spinning in your head: “How do you know if a teacher is in love with me?”

How to tell if your teacher likes you

Here are some pointers to look at to reach a conclusion:

  • Treats you in a special way. Do you feel that he gives you more attention than the other girls? Compare how he treats you with what your colleagues receive from him. Maybe he talks to you a lot, while he is usually shy with others. You have to be careful not to confuse things in this regard. Maybe he sees you as a great student with a lot of potential and just wants to help you succeed.
  • Looks at your appearance. Let’s face it: men don’t pay much attention to a girl’s clothes or hair unless she likes it. Does he comment to you that he likes your hairstyle when you change it? Does he tell you that he likes your new clothes? If you pay attention to these details, it is a good sign.
  • Look at you in class. Notice during his explanations if he looks directly at you. When you are doing an exercise, ask a friend to secretly watch him to see if he is observing you. Does he blush when your eyes meet?
  • He gets nervous. Surely it has happened to you that when you like someone you get nervous being with that person. If you also add that at a social level it is often “prohibited”, it is easier for it to happen. Does that happen to your teacher with you?

Of course, this is not an exact science. There are many circumstances and factors to consider. Each person is different and not all of us react the same. However, with this in mind, you will have much clearer how to know if your university or school professor likes you.

World's most handsome teacher: Pietro Boselli.
World’s most handsome teacher: Pietro Boselli.

Should I go out with my teacher?

If you have reached the point of being sure that you are in love and that it is not a mere whim, the chances are that you are thinking about the next step: to have a date with your teacher. But should you do it?

Have an appointment with my teacher if I am a minor

Before your head continues to fantasize about the two of you going hand in hand through a park, answer the following question: are you of legal age? If the answer is no, stop here. Do not think for a moment about having a relationship with your teacher while you are a minor. Why? Well, because in many countries it is something illegal. In case you really love him, the last thing you want is to cause him trouble, much less, with justice. If you are still convinced that he is the man of your life, do nothing about it until you are of age.

Go out with my teacher if I am of legal age

In the event that you are of legal age, even if there are no legal impediments, you must ask yourself many questions. I recommend that you carefully analyze the following aspects.

What if my teacher is married?

Being older than you, your teacher is likely married. What’s more, you may even have children. So this is the first thing to find out if you are really thinking about dating your teacher.
Even if you are young, you must keep in mind that all your actions have consequences. They can be very good or very bad, but there will always be consequences. Are you willing to break up a family so you can be with him? How would you feel if your father had abandoned your mother for another younger girl?

Also, be careful if he promises to get a divorce. There are many men who say they are unhappy in their marriage and that they will leave their wife as soon as they get the chance. This story is very common and in most cases it never happens.

Finally, if you still have doubts, it would be good to meditate on the following. If he leaves his wife to be with you, how do you know that in the future he will not leave you to be with another girl? You have no guarantee. He cannot assure you that he will be faithful to you because he was not faithful to his wife.
So my advice is clear: if your teacher is married, he is not the man for you. Respect him, his family and above all, respect yourself. You deserve better and as time goes on I’m sure you will find it.

Does the age difference between a student and her teacher matter?

Like so many others in life, there is no hard answer. In this case we cannot say whether or not it is important how many years a teacher takes with his student. Rather it depends on you.

It is clear that if you are 18 years old and the professor 22, there is not much debate. It is normal for couples to have a certain age difference. In some cases the girl is even older than the boy. So even if he has lived a few more springs, it is not a very factor to take into account.

Now, what happens if the number of years that separate you is greater? Maybe he is 10, 20 or even 30 years older than you. It is true that there is no impediment that makes it impossible to have a relationship with him. However, you must ask yourself what will happen in the future. What will happen in 10 years? How old will you be and how old will he be? Would you like to be with an older person when you are still full of energy and wanting to do things? Have you ever considered that by age that …


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