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find out what it is and how to improve

abril 4, 2021
la puntualidad como valor find out what it is and how to improve

Punctuality as a value is one of the many things that you will have to learn throughout your life as a student. Acquiring this quality will help you not only now, but also in the future, both in your work and in personal relationships. So that you understand why you should be punctual, we are going to discuss several points on this topic: what it is, the importance according to the occasion and how to improve.

What is punctuality?

It is arriving at the agreed time for an appointment or event. If we know that it is something very important, we will arrive on time and thus show that this event is a priority for us. In other words, it is synonymous with being courteous, respectful of other people’s time, and showing good manners. Being punctual we show that the appointment has a value for us.

Meaning of punctuality

The dictionary defines punctuality as “care and diligence in arriving at or leaving a place at the agreed time and doing things in due time.”

So be very vigilant about what you want others to think of you and how you take your plans and those of others.

Concept of punctuality as value

In many cultures it is considered that you can arrive about 10 minutes later to the places as tolerance, so people wait without problem. However, in many Asian countries this is frowned upon. If you do not arrive at the agreed time, it is an insult and makes others think that you are not giving the importance the appointment deserves.

So the concept of punctuality can vary depending on where you live. But regardless of this, remember one thing. What do you want others to think of you? If you were organizing an important event, how would you feel if most were late? Would it bother you?

Punctuality as a value today

Without a doubt, it is very important to organize ourselves very well to be on time in the places. At school it will help you a lot because even if the teachers do not tell you, they realize what time you arrive and sometimes even penalize those who do not.

If you are of working age, you can be sure your bosses will notice. A punctual person is usually a trustworthy person and it is these types of employees who are given the best responsibilities in a company.

It is true that an unforeseen event can happen, but not every week. Think that even your friends will always see you as that person to trust, because you always say that you arrive at an hour and you comply. This is invaluable. Start being punctual now! You will never regret.

Consider the situation

As you may have already heard, it is an art to know at what precise moment you should be in a place. For example, if you arrive earlier than you have been invited to a wedding, it may make people uncomfortable, as they will be finishing the final details before the guests arrive. On the other hand, if you arrive earlier to a concert, you will feel less stressed to be the first to enter, be prepared and comfortable before the performance begins.

So this is relative. That is why punctuality is not an exact science, since factors such as culture, the desire you have to attend, an unforeseen event arise, etc. In addition, it shows the maturity that you have acquired.

If in your case you are also a disaster like I was before, let’s see what tips helped me improve punctuality once and for all. This way you will be able to project that image of the “competent super boy” that you want to be.

How to improve punctuality.

How to improve punctuality

If you have come this far it is because you want to put an end to that punctuality problem that you have. Don’t worry if you think it will be difficult. With a little willpower and following our advice, you will achieve it. So let’s get to work:

Set your alarms

Never think it doesn’t make sense. This good habit can save you from accumulating penalties at school, work, or losing your dream opportunity to have that special date. Set an alarm early enough so you don’t miss an appointment.

Do not cover more than you can

You may find that you have a lot of activities for the little time you have. Could you remove some that are unnecessary?

Get an agenda

Either an agenda or physical or electronic. Even on the same phone it will help you to always keep in mind everything you have for each day and thus not forget anything. Just write sentences that remind you of what you have to do like: “History rehearsal” or “Romantic dinner.” What has the latter excited you? But what would surely not thrill you is if you will forget it! So do not stop writing everything you have to do to have more order in your life.

Leave enough time between activities

It would not be wise of you to put teamwork at 7pm and then have a romantic dinner at 8pm because you know that you will be late and you will be under stress all the time. So time well and honestly put what you will be able to accomplish before writing certain activities on your agenda.

Focus on each activity

When you are doing the remembered activities in your agenda, do not think about what you have to do later. This only deconcentrates you and you will lose time. So be patient and take enough time to finish that task, event or activity and then move on to the next one. You will see that this way you achieve more and your reputation will go up not much, very much!

Do it now!

We tend to leave things for tomorrow and this all that achieves is to accumulate the tasks that we have and therefore saturate and overwhelm us. It is useless to explain how to be punctual if you do not put it into practice. So be disciplined and obey those reminders that come up on your agenda. Otherwise, the past advice will be meaningless and you will still be a mess. This scolding is with affection.

Punctuality phrases

As you can imagine, many famous people have been inspired to write sentences about punctuality as value. These are some of them:

I always try to be very punctual, since I have observed that the defects of a person are reflected very vividly in the memory of those who wait for them.
Nicolas Boileau

It is better to arrive three hours earlier than one minute late.
William Shakespeare

Being late is a way of saying that your own time is more important than the time of the person waiting for you.
Karen joy fowler

You arrive early, on the hour or late, depending on whether you love a lot, love still, or don’t love at all.
Diane de Beausacq

It’s hard to be trustworthy when people have to wait for you.
Wes fessler

Now that you’ve seen how important it is to have punctuality as a value, don’t give up. With a little effort you can master it. It will never be out of date. Remember that it says a lot about the kind of person you are and also what you can offer. It greatly influences the behavior of others towards you. So start today and boost that punctuality that is a little rusty and tell us how it has worked for you at school, work, in love and with friends. We are looking forward to hearing your fun experiences.