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guide to be the prettiest in school

abril 3, 2021
como ser linda la mas bonita de la escuela guide to be the prettiest in school

We all like to see ourselves beautiful and spectacular. We are flattered when they compliment us and steal a smile from us. With our definitive guide, you will easily discover how to be beautiful at school. Are you ready to catch the eye of all the boys? Here begins your journey to be the prettiest in school.

How to look pretty

We have reached the point that you wanted so much. It’s time to get down to business and learn how to look pretty at school.

This article is dedicated to those enterprising, warrior and brave girls who want to give the best of themselves. If you have come this far it is because you are one of them. To achieve this, you have to prepare ahead of time and not get discouraged. Here are some good tips that are sure to help you look great every day in class.

Watch your hygiene

Surely you have noticed a classmate who does not smell exactly good. Is it attractive to you? Well, the same thing happens with girls. The ones that smell bad scare the boys away.

Take a shower every day. It doesn’t matter if you think you don’t need it, take a shower. Put on deodorant before you leave the house. Even if you smell good, throughout the day you will sweat and if you have not put it on you will notice it (and others too) very quickly.

How to look pretty.

Eat healthy and exercise

We know that this is not the first time you have heard or read this advice, but you have to convince yourself that it is important that you get very serious about this topic. Drink lots of water (2 liters a day), eat fruit in the morning and exercise.

Take good care of your weight. Do not think that because you are young you will be able to eat and drink everything in large quantities without your body passing the bill. When you are young, you could be obese, diabetic, or have an eating disorder. Better to avoid those problems, right?

If this is difficult for you, it is best to put yourself in the hands of a professional and eat healthy, obeying the amounts due for your weight, age and move those hips from 15 minutes a day onwards. Just please, never fall into anorexia or bulimia. That in the long run will greatly affect your health and could cause irreversible damage to your mind and body. It could even kill you, and it is something that also applies to drugs and excess alcohol. That ages people very fast. How awful!

A beautiful body is one that is cared for naturally and is enjoyed every day with every detail.

Don’t be alienated with your weight either. Love yourself a lot and let everyone see everything you have to give and how great you are naturally.

Pay attention to your skin

During this stage of life you go through, you have to pay special attention to your skin. As part of youth, pimples may appear. It is true that it is temporary, but we can remedy it before nature makes them disappear. Make an appointment with a dermatologist and ask for advice on an acne treatment.

You can use a moisturizer for daily skin care. Also, in hot weather, it is important to apply sunscreen to protect yourself and not irritate you.

How to be cute at school

Do not stay awake too late

It is true that in summer we want to squeeze until the last day of vacation in having fun and spending time with friends, but if you stay up, you run the risk of not getting up on time and running to classes stressed and being late. Just imagine. You knock on the door and you see how everyone looks at you while you are wrapped in a deep silence in which you hear some mocking laughter, while you look for where there is a free seat and, even worse if you have not prepared your backpack and you have to ask for things from the next door!

Take care of your hair

Hair is one of the things that most attracts guys, especially if it is long. There are girls who have this somewhat forgotten aspect and it is one of the most important. Greasy and uncombed hair lowers many points. Use a good treatment to keep it shiny and smelling good. If you want it to be smoother and look better, use a conditioning shampoo.

About the dyes, be careful. You may be drawn to changing your natural color for a while. However, be cautious. Very artificial tones (violets, pinks, oxygenated blondes) are not always going to help you be prettier at school. The color that a girl combines well with her skin may not be so good for a girl with another hue.

If you want to straighten your hair, you can use an iron. You have to be careful not to burn it from excessive use. This will make you achieve just the opposite of what you want and you will be impaired.

Get the prettiest look in school

There are times when you cross your eyes with a boy and it seems that time stops. You will agree with me that if you are grumpy and not fixed, this is hardly going to happen. Wash your face well in the morning. If you are old enough and your school allows it, you can outline your eyes and apply a little makeup. Don’t neglect your eyelashes. If you can curl them a bit, all the better.

How to be cute at school

Show off stunning lips

Other aspects to consider: take care of the lips. Although we do not realize it, we can accumulate dead skin or dirt. You have to exfoliate your lips to remove residue and eliminate dryness. You will see how with a little effort they will be very soft.

If they don’t let you use colored lipstick (or lipstick), use a transparent one. You will wear shiny lips like in the movies.

Use makeup sparingly

If you are allowed and decide to put on makeup, do it with balance. It is even worse to wear more than not to wear. Never be questioned if you are going to party or rather if you are planning to kill Batman.

Prepare your backpack

Do not leave the purchase of supplies for the last minute, as this will generate a lot of tension. Besides that if you do it with time, you can even choose between the best prices and designs. Think of everything you usually wear in class and prepare an inventory. Next, put each item in the backpack, marking it on the list to know that you already have it inside.

Nothing like arriving at classes confident of yourself, prepared from head to toe.

Attitude counts too

A determining factor that gives you a plus is attitude. First of all it is good that you reinforce old friendships. If there are some familiar faces in your living room, you will feel more comfortable. Reconnect with your old friends to strengthen your relationship. At least you already know who to count on when doing some teamwork in which you get to know others.

It is also important that you open up to meet new people. For example, when you sign up or pick up the books, you may have the opportunity to make friends with someone who will be in the same room as you. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. Be positive and take the first step. You will see how everything is easier for you after trying.

How to dress cute to go to school.

How to dress cute for school

Get the most out of your uniform

It is possible that where you study you are required to wear a uniform. In that case, try to always wear your correct size. Whether you wear too tight or baggy clothes, you will give a bad image. The accessories you use, bracelets, earrings and others, must match your uniform. Don’t make weird mixes.

Here is a video that will give you some great tips to dress cute and stand out in your school uniform:

Prepare your clothes for the week

If you take some time to prepare what you will wear from Monday to Friday, you will not waste time every morning thinking about how to combine what you have clean and you will be able to enjoy more of that pleasant place that we would not want to detach ourselves from every morning; bed.

Plus, if you check it out in advance, you’ll have time to sew up that awkward-looking hole or iron that skirt and leave it divine.

Advantages of being the prettiest in school

Taking care of yourself to be beautiful is not an easy task. It will require you to put effort into some aspects of your life. This will be more bearable if you keep in mind the benefits that you will have:

  • Feel more secure. Your appearance will give you an extra confidence in yourself.
  • Get the boys’ attention. They will notice your beauty and be attracted to you. Although it is sad that it happens, many will be kind to you just because you are the most beautiful in school.
  • Have more friends. Everyone wants to be around a popular girl and they are usually pretty.
  • To be able to choose a partner. When you are mature enough to have a boyfriend, you can choose and not just settle for the first one to pass.
  • You will look great. It is easier for clothes to fit you if you know how to dress and take care of yourself.

Disadvantages of being the most beautiful in school

Like all things, being prettier has its downside. This is not necessarily your fault. Sometimes things just happen. Still, these things shouldn’t put you off. In fact, some of them won’t even happen, but you better be prepared.

  • They will notice what you are, not who you are. Your classmates will see you as a pretty girl, but they won’t always appreciate your qualities.
  • They can be rude to you. Not everyone knows how to treat a woman with respect and it is easy to be said inappropriate things to you because you are pretty.
  • Misconception of yourself. There are girls who, because they are pretty, think that they deserve everything or that they should be treated better than others. Never make this mistake. All girls have the same rights and obligations. Your appearance does not matter.
  • They will doubt your intelligence. Sure you know the wrong cliché that blondes are dumb. It also applies to pretty girls in general. Let no one fool you, a woman can be very intelligent regardless of her physique.
  • You will awaken envy. There will be girls who will inevitably want to be like you and will not be able to. Instead of accepting that each person has their strengths and weaknesses, they will envy you.

How to go cute to school.

Is it important to be the prettiest in school?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you want to know how to be the cutest girl in school. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty and have a good appearance. Now, surely you have heard that beauty is inside. It’s totally true. What’s the use of being pretty if people turn away from you because you’re unpleasant? Guys may approach you at first, drawn to your physique. However, if you are hollow inside, they will end up leaving.

Similarly, being pretty can help you get a job in the future, but that doesn’t mean you’ll keep it if you don’t do it well. There are many beautiful girls who have reached important positions in large companies and it has been thanks to their intelligence and performance, not just their appearance. Therefore, do not forget that physical appearance has a relative importance.

About the personality, later we will talk in another article about how to develop it to be the most popular girl in school.

Don’t stop making yourself pretty

There are countless things that can help you be more beautiful. Do not limit yourself to what we have told you …