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High school scholarships –

marzo 31, 2021
becasbachillerato High school scholarships -

Scholarships to study Baccalaureate: aid to finance your studies

The high school, together with the intermediate level training cycles, is the first post-compulsory educational stage. This means that, apart from being optional studies where each student can choose what to take, they are studies that are not funded and, therefore, have a cost that can vary substantially depending on whether it is a public, concerted or private center. private.

Baccalaureate scholarships

If you do not have sufficient financial resources to be able to study the Baccalaureate, you will be interested in knowing the different scholarships and grants that exist and that will allow you to finance part or all of these studies.

If you are finishing ESO and want to study Baccalaureate, do not hesitate to inform you of all the scholarships that exist.

Scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

Annually the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training announces scholarships for post-compulsory study students. The scholarships called are the following:

  • Scholarships and grants for non-university post-compulsory students

To qualify for these scholarships you must meet the general requirements (be Spanish / a or have the nationality of a member state of the European Union and have not obtained a degree equal to or higher than the studies for which you are requesting the scholarship), as well as some academic requirements (minimum grade of 5 in 4th of ESO, enroll in the full course, do not repeat the current course) and economical (Do not exceed certain thresholds for family income and assets).

exist different types of scholarships and amounts: basic scholarship, fixed amount associated with the student’s residence during the school year, fixed amount associated with the student’s income and fixed amount linked to excellence in academic performance.

  • Scholarships and grants for students with a specific need for educational support.

These aids are intended for all students with special needs derived from disability or serious conduct disorder, or associated with high abilities. In order to apply for the scholarship, the general requirements must be met and the educational need accredited. You must also meet some financial requirements.

The scholarships of the Ministry are convened annually and their application deadline is between August and September. In each call the specific requirements are specified to be able to request the aid, the amounts that are awarded in each concept and the dates to carry out the processing of the scholarship.

In addition to the aforementioned scholarships, some autonomous communities or other official bodies may announce grants for specific groups, with the aim of guaranteeing universal access to education. One such example is the Junta de Andalucía that, periodically, summons the following Baccalaureate grants:

  • Scholarship 6000. Helps to study Baccalaureate or intermediate level training cycles in person in Andalusian centers for families with financial difficulties.
  • Adriano Scholarship. Scholarship aimed at students who study in face-to-face modality in Andalusian centers for Baccalaureate education, Professional Training, professional education in Plastic Arts and Design, professional education in Music and Dance, Advanced Artistic education and Sports education.

These two scholarships are aimed at citizens of Andalusia who wish to continue their studies there, both cases, the main criterion for awarding the scholarship is family income. Income thresholds are established that determine whether or not to opt for these grants. Your application deadline is between November and January, but it may vary depending on the call.

Scholarships to study Baccalaureate abroad

There are private entities or organizations that also offer aid to study the Baccalaureate abroad:

  • Amancio Ortega Foundation Scholarships: offers a scholarship program to be able to study 1st year of Baccalaureate at an institute in Canada or the United States. A total of 600 scholarships are offered to students from all over Spain.
  • United World Colleges Scholarships: this foundation offers scholarships to study the two International Baccalaureate courses at the centers of this organization.
  • Europe Scholarships: scholarships provided by Banco Santander and the Francisco de Vitoria University for students with excellent academic records to visit the main universities in Europe and participate in cultural and leisure activities during a 20-day trip.

Consult the bases of each call to know the specific requirements to be able to opt, as well as the application calendar and all the documentation that you must provide.

These are some examples of scholarships that allow you to study abroad. There are other entities that can call for grants and scholarships that will allow you to study part or all of the Baccalaureate abroad, as well as help you finance your studies here.

Find out about the procedure to apply for each scholarship, the calendar and the requirements that you must meet. You can continue reading our tips for applying for a scholarship that will help you to carry out the whole process correctly.