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How can foreigners access the job market?

marzo 31, 2021

Employment for citizens of the European Union

If you’re citizen of the European Union, from Member States of the Agreement on the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Switzerland, you can freely access the Spanish labor market with the same rights.

You can stay for three months in the country looking for employment or establishing yourself on your own, after this period, you have to make your registration in the Central Registry of Foreigners and you will be issued a registration certificate, provided that you meet one of the following requirements:

  • Be a worker in Spain for someone else or for your own account.
  • Have sufficient financial resources, for yourself and your family, and have health insurance with full coverage.
  • Be a student enrolled in a recognized center, have sufficient financial resources for yourself and your family, and have full coverage health insurance.

Red Eures

For the citizens of the European Union there is the EURES network, the European portal for professional mobility. This portal offers different resources to users (whether they are job applicants or employers) to facilitate the labor mobility of people from member countries of the European Union. The main services on this page are:

  • A job seeker in the different EU countries.
  • A private space to create the curriculum vitae and manage the applications.
  • Information of interest about the lifestyle and the job market in the different countries.
  • A search engine for learning opportunities in different countries.

In addition, Eures has the mobility program “Your first Eures job” aimed at young people between 18 and 35 years old who want to travel abroad to work or carry out an internship or apprenticeship for at least 6 months.

Apart from the website, Eures also has a wide network of more than 850 advisers in the different countries that you can contact for guidance on working abroad.

Employment for non-EU citizens

If you’re citizen of countries that do not belong to the European Union, you have different conditions of access to the Spanish labor market.

In order to work in Spain, you must be in possession of a residence and work visa. In order for residence and work to be authorized, a series of requirements must be met:

  • That the national employment situation allows hiring or that the employer can prove the difficulty of hiring this occupation by means of a certificate from the Public Employment Service.
  • That the employer is registered with Social Security and up-to-date with it and with the Tax Agency; guarantee a continuous activity to the worker; have financial, material and personal means for your project, and your employment contract is in accordance with current labor regulations.
  • That the worker is not in an irregular situation in Spain, lacks a criminal record and, where appropriate, possesses the degree or professional qualification required to practice the profession in Spain.

There are specific characteristics to access work in Spain for some groups:

  • Stable job offers.
  • Temporary job offers.
  • Job search visas:
    • Aimed at children and grandchildren of Spaniards.
    • For job search limited to certain occupations and geographic areas.

If you obtain the temporary residence permit, it can be extended as long as the employment contract is also extended.

If you have a residence permit in Spain, you can reunite your family members when you have resided in Spain for one year and have permission to do so for one more year.

If you are in possession of the blue card, you are a researcher or holder of a long-term residence authorization-EU in another member state of the European Union, you can regroup your relatives from the first moment as long as you can prove financial solvency for their maintenance .

In the immigration portal of the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security you can find specified all the regulations regarding access to the Spanish labor market, as well as all the necessary documentation and procedures.

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