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How long does a doctorate last?

abril 4, 2021
cuanto dura un doctorado How long does a doctorate last?

In a society where most young people can access a higher education, it is important to be able to stand out from the rest. One of the ways to enhance your resume is to obtain a Ph.D. after finishing your university degree. Before deciding whether to do so, the following question has surely crossed your mind: “How long does a PhD last?” We will solve your doubt by contemplating different possibilities.

How long does a doctorate take in Colombia?

If you are considering studying a doctorate in Colombia, its duration is variable. Depending on the degree, it can last up to five years, as is the case with a PhD in Biology. However, there are others that will only take you three years. Before reaching that time limit, you must submit your thesis.

How long does a doctorate take in Mexico?

In order to obtain a doctorate in Mexico, an average time of four semesters is available, or what is the same, two school years. Interested students from this country are fortunate that there are many Mexican universities that teach them.

How long does a doctorate take in Spain?

The duration of a doctorate in Spain in the case of doing it full time, corresponds to three years. In order to calculate this period, the admission of the doctoral student (student) is taken as the starting date until the presentation of the respective doctoral thesis. If necessary, there is the possibility of requesting a one-year extension.

However, if it is approved to study part-time for the doctorate, the duration is different. In this case, it may be extended up to a maximum of five years. The start and end date to compute the time is the same as in the previous case. However, a two-year extension may be requested in these circumstances.

We hope we have been able to clarify this question and that you already know how many years a doctorate lasts in your country. If you know a place where it is different, go ahead and leave us a comment.