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how many types of engineering are there and what branches does it have

abril 4, 2021
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One of the most widespread areas of knowledge is engineering. These careers have wide job opportunities due to their many real-life applications. Below we will explain what Engineering is, how many types of engineering there are and what are the branches of engineering.

What is engineering

Etymology to know what engineering is

To know what Engineering is, the first thing to do is to know its etymological origin, that is, where it comes from. Like so many other words in our language, it comes from a Latin term, ingenium. We could translate this word as “create”, “design” or “produce”. Very appropriate, right?

Definition of engineering

The concept of engineering refers to the study and application of the different specialties of the technological field through scientific, mathematical and natural science knowledge. Engineering makes it possible to create and improve machines, products and structures.

What is an engineer?

An engineer is a person who is professionally engaged in any of the engineering branches. An engineer builds objects or carries out technical projects. This he achieves from the knowledge, ideas and means available to him. The main objective of his work is to be able to improve the quality of life of humanity.

Some trades that fall within this discipline are: industrial engineer, computer engineer or forestry engineer. These are just a few examples, but there are many more.

Types of engineering.

Engineering types

How many types of engineering are there?

Now that you know what engineering is, it’s time to dig a little deeper into its types and branches. Obviously it is impossible for a person to learn all the technological advances, principles, laws and knowledge that engineering has accumulated over the years. For this reason it has been necessary to infringe that same knowledge in many engineering firms. In fact, it should come as no surprise that new careers of this type continue to appear, as is the recent case of specialization in nanotechnology.

List of engineering types

Here are the most important types of engineering:

Aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering is one that is responsible for studying aircraft. His field of study includes both aeronautical engineering, that is, the design and construction of ships that fly within the atmosphere, and astronautical engineering, that is, ships destined to leave the planet.

Civil Engineering

His area of ​​knowledge is very broad. It is developed around the study and construction of elements such as buildings, houses, bridges, and so on. It also includes everything related to infrastructures, such as sewerage, railway, hydraulic, road works and much more.

This is one of the oldest types of engineering. We can find clear examples of civil engineering from the time of the Romans. This empire built magnificent works such as aqueducts, bridges or roads.

Electric engineering

Within the types of engineering, the electrical one deals with the generation, transmission and distribution of this type of energy. In them they study the laws and fundamental principles of electricity. You also learn to design, build and work with electrical systems. It also includes the processes to generate electrical energy in an industrial way and how electrical networks work.

Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering is focused on obtaining the highest possible performance through production, supply and logistics processes. Their ultimate goal is to obtain high-quality products with maximum performance.

Informatics Engineering

Professionals who develop their careers in the field of computer science are capable of managing projects, developing applications, creating communication networks between computers and evaluating the quality of computer developments, among many other things. Without a doubt one of the types of engineering with the most professional output.

The Computer Engineer analyzes and implements information systems. Develop different types of logical structures to solve problems using computers. It uses techniques and disciplines related to information systems, such as administrative, organizational, statistical and project control aspects. Their training is important in software engineering and technology, such as in computer networks.

Mechanical Engineering

This branch of engineering is oriented to the analysis, design, construction and research of mechanical systems. Its purpose is to produce and improve tools and equipment.

Naval Engineering

The studies in this career specialize in the design and construction of marine vehicles such as ships or submarines and other floating elements. Because many of its students drop out and never graduate, it is considered one of the most difficult types of engineering.

Chemical engineering

Although the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this name is people making bombs, chemical engineering is much more. Specifically, it is in charge of everything related to the creation of products and compounds through physical and chemical processes. It encompasses many fields of work such as the creation of fertilizers or even the refining of petroleum.

Branches of engineering.

Branches of engineering

Due to the wide range of subjects covered by careers of this type, this area of ​​knowledge is divided into many disciplines. Surely many of them like computer engineering (informatics) or aerospace engineering are familiar to you. However, there are other branches of engineering that are less well known, such as geodetic engineering.

What engineering to study

As you have seen, you must already be clear about what engineering is and also that there is a wide variety of branches and types of engineering. With so many possibilities it is easy to feel insecure or a little lost. For this reason, you are probably wondering which is the most appropriate for you. What we recommend to clear up your doubts is that you take our test and find out which engineering to study. By answering a few questions you will be able to know a very approximate result of which career best suits your tastes and abilities. What are you waiting for?

Important subjects or subjects

Obviously, as in any field of study, there are subjects or subjects that are more closely linked than others. To study any of the careers that we have mentioned in this article, there is a clear common denominator: mathematics. It is true that many students choke but for better or for worse they are vital. Mathematics is the basis of this area of ​​knowledge. So if you have difficulties, consider taking private classes, watching explanatory videos on the Internet or even asking your teacher or a friend to master them until you understand them well.

Of course, there are other related subjects that will be more or less important depending on the path you take. A very clear example: technical drawing is unnecessary when you are studying computer science. On the other hand, it is very important if you are going to build bridges or design machinery parts.

Types of engineering you like

And to finish, tell us a little which of the types of engineering interests you the most. Tell us why you think like this. Surely you have a good reason to dive headfirst into studying that degree. We are looking forward to reading your comment. Attack!