How to dress for a job interview: complete guide

como vestir para una entrevista de trabajo How to dress for a job interview: complete guide

Many people, when they go to participate in a selection process to get a job, consider how to dress for a job interview. It is normal to feel a little worried about this matter as a bad option could spoil your chances of getting the job. If you follow this complete guide that we have prepared for you, you are sure to be right. Let’s get your clothes to scream that you are a winner!

How to dress for a job interview

The first thing to understand is that there is no universal outfit that will serve you for any interview. Depending on the circumstances, the company and the position for which you apply, you will have to wear one thing or another.

For example, when someone considers how to dress for a job interview, they will not choose the same clothes if they are applying to work as a clerk, as if they are looking for a job in a landscaping company. That is why it is good that you take into account the guidelines or norms that you are going to read next in our article.

Because it is important?

Your attitude every time you go to an interview should be a winner. You want to get that job and for this you must show that you are better than the other candidates. You must convey that you are capable of doing the job and that you have the necessary preparation. That is why it is very important that your image says the same. What comes in by sight has a great influence on our decision making. For this reason, every year companies invest billions in advertising. So as you can see, how to dress for a job interview is not a trivial matter. Small details can tip the balance from one side or the other.

Tips on how to dress for a job interview

Now we are going to pass some general tips that you can apply regardless of the type of interview I have in front of. When you are choosing your clothes, keep these principles in mind on how to dress for a job interview.

How to dress for a job interview.
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Tips for men and women

Be sensible

As in so many other things in life, the first thing you should do is use common sense. Whether it is a formal interview or not, your dress should be discreet. Forget about garish, flashy or garish colors.

Take care of hygiene

Before an interview it is important to be well groomed. Don’t leave the house without taking a shower and don’t forget your deodorant either. This point is basic. It is useless if you dress perfectly, have an attractive resume and that your answers to the questions are insurmountable if the first thing they notice when you enter the office is your smell.

Wear comfortable clothes

It does not matter if your clothing is elegant or formal if you do not feel comfortable with it. Imagine that you put on a shirt or pants that are nice but tight. You sure don’t want one of the buttons to jump right into the interviewer’s face when you sit down. Just because an item of clothing is comfortable does not necessarily mean that it is also informal. So remember: clothes must be your size. No more no less.

Use neutral tones

This point is of vital importance. The clothes you wear should be neutral tones. Do not wear costumes or dresses that are flashy unless you are going to work as a clown in a circus. Dark-colored suits go perfectly with white shirts. Try black, gray, or navy blue clothing.

Caring for nails

Although this may seem more like one of the things to take into account for girls, it is a matter that should not be neglected. Nails must be well trimmed and free of dirt. If you have a habit of biting them, today is a good day to stop.

Wear neat clothes

All the clothing you wear must be perfectly ironed. Of course, it goes without saying that it should be clean and unbroken. Forget about worn out clothes.

How to dress for a job interview
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How to dress for a job interview: women

It is true that most girls are more careful with their image. However, it never hurts to review these tips on how to dress for a job interview for women.

Makeup in moderation

A little makeup doesn’t hurt anyone. But remember that you are not partying with your friends. Use it in moderation and avoid excesses. A bit of well-applied makeup will help you give a very good image.

Dispense with jewelry

Save the jewelry for the holidays. When you’re thinking about how to dress for a women’s job interview, the last thing you want to do is give the impression that you have more money or purchasing power than the person interviewing you. Your goal is to give a good image, not to show off your finances.

What is commonly accepted is wearing the marriage alliance. You can also take a discreet watch with you.

Stockings for those pretty legs

Whether you decide to wear a skirt or a dress, in both cases it is recommended that you wear stockings. To avoid unforeseen events, carry a replacement in your bag.

Heels yes, but just enough

It is undeniable that beautiful heels enhance any woman. Now, they should be of a reasonable size, not overdone. And of course, closed.

Painted nails

It is indisputable that well painted nails are elegant. If you choose to do so, use neutral tones that do not attract attention. Although it is sometimes fashionable to wear pictures or brilliants, avoid them this time.

How to dress for a job interview.
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How to dress for a job interview: men

Shaving or grooming the beard

In the case of men, it is important that you go clean shaven. If in your country or in the region where you live it is common for men to wear beards, make sure it is well groomed. It is true that many times the beard looks mature but if it is neglected it will give a negative impression.

Bring clean shoes

Footwear is one of the first things the interviewer will notice. They do not have to be expensive but they do need to be very clean. Preferably forget sandals or any other type of open footwear.

Formal or casual pants

You may decide not to wear a suit to the interview. In any case, a formal or casual pants are a good choice. Avoid denim pants or jeans at all costs.

Few jewels

As in the case of women, you must limit the amount of jewelry. Do not load your fingers with rings, or your neck with chains. Limit yourself to wearing a watch and wedding band.

How to dress in a job interview.

How to dress for a job interview without knowing the dress code

Conduct research

Something that happens frequently, especially if you are entering the world of work for the first time, is that you do not know the dress code of the company that is going to interview you. But do not worry. Here are several solutions:

  • Search the profiles that the company has on different social networks. Surely they have posted photos of their employees doing activities or working. That’s a good starting point for deciding how to dress for a job interview for that company.
  • Enter the corporate website. In the different sections of your website you will have photos of the workers. Check what type of clothing they wear depending on their position.
  • The easiest and fastest option to know how to dress for a job interview: ask directly. Call or write to the person who contacted you to conduct the interview. Tell him that you are interested to be dressed appropriately and that you would like to know what is the dress code that they have in his company. In this way you will be sure to be right and it will also have shown that you are taking this opportunity very seriously.

Sin in excess and not by default

If, despite applying what is said in the previous section, you have not been able to discover what is the most appropriate way to dress, it is better to sin a little excessively. What does this mean? That if you doubt whether to wear a tie or not, or to wear a skirt or pants, the best solution is always to choose the most formal option.

That you make an effort to know how to dress appropriately in a job interview is a clear indication that you are taking this job seriously. It also shows that you are a responsible person.

How to dress for a job interview: what you should never wear

Although, as we have mentioned before, depending on the position you want to obtain, a garment may or may not be appropriate, there are things that you should avoid regardless of the circumstances. For example, T-shirts with messages or logos. Also avoid wearing sweatshirts. In the case of girls, it is better to dispense with the miniskirts, the too obvious necklines and also the straps. And of course, never ever wear flip flops.

Conclusions on how to dress in a job interview

As we have been analyzing at length, there are tips that you should follow to the letter and others that you should analyze whether or not they apply to your situation. If you put this into practice you will have taken a giant step when it comes to getting that job you want so much.

It is possible that in your personal experience in the area where you live there are other things to take into account. If so, we would appreciate if you leave us a comment so that other readers can benefit.

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