how to improve in a language with songs

aprender ingles cantando how to improve in a language with songs

Learning English has become something of great importance in the world of work. More and more companies require it in job interviews and you, who are a great student, want to learn it. Unfortunately, I am sure that at school or doing an English course you have gotten bored, a lot. That’s why today I want to talk to you about another different and fun method: learn english singing.

Singing can not only put you in a good mood and make your day. It is also a great ally when it comes to practice another language and have fun at the same time. Therefore, since today we are very used to listening to music in English on the radio, parties, etc., why not go a step further and take advantage of it in our learning?

Steps to learn English by singing

  1. Select a song you like. The first thing you should do is choose which song will be the “victim” of your learning. Since you will have to listen to it several times, choose one that you like. You don’t have to be a fan of all the songs by that group or singer, just liking one song is enough. Also take into account your level of English. If you’re just starting out, don’t pick a rap song where they sing too fast and use a lot of set phrases or expressions. Better select a ballad. It will be easier for you to understand the message. In fact, if you hardly know any English, why not choose a nursery rhyme?
  2. Look for the letter. If you bought the CD, it should generally include the lyrics of all the songs in the booklet. However, if you do not have it at hand, you can also use the internet and search for it. There are countless pages that offer song lyrics.
  3. Understand what it says. When you have found the lyrics, read it carefully. Most likely, there are words that you do not know what they mean. Look in your English dictionary for these words. Then take a piece of paper and write the original word and next to it what it means. Doing this will help you memorize it.
  4. Listen to the song. Once you are clear about what the song says, listen to it while you have the lyrics in front of you. Pay attention to how the singer pronounces each word. By doing this, your brain will be relating the pronunciation to the way it is written.
  5. Sings. At this point, you just need to enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t feel insecure. Do not think that you sing badly. Here the important thing is to learn English, not to become a professional singer. Sing it without being embarrassed!
  6. Review many times. Repetition is the mother of retention. So the advice is: practice as much as you can. You will end up humming the song even without realizing it since you will have already learned part of the lyrics.
  7. Start again. When you feel like you’ve mastered a song enough, go back to step one. Over time you can increase the difficulty of the songs if you feel safe.

Advantages of learning English with music

You will increase your vocabulary

You will find informal or colloquial expressions in the songs that natives normally use. You will notice that in a short time the number of words you know has increased a lot.

You will accustom your ear to different accents

Try to find singers in English from different countries. In this way you will be preparing to understand anyone, no matter where they come from.

You will improve your pronunciation

By forcing yourself to sing in English and practicing the same song several times, it will help you to pronounce correctly even those words you have just learned.

You will get to know their culture better

The songs on many occasions tell everyday things of an environment or a culture. You will also better understand their way of living and understanding things.

It will improve your mood

Music has a powerful effect on our mood. Practice with upbeat songs and you will see how good you feel after a while.

It won’t cost you money

That’s how it is. This is a way to learn English for free. There are songs in English available to anyone and, best of all, without having to spend your savings.

Learn English with music.

You can practice anywhere

You can take your music on your cell phone, listen to it in the car or do it quietly at home.

It won’t take you long

If you are very busy, you don’t need to spend long sessions on it. You can take advantage of small gaps you have to learn English by singing.

You will know what you sing

No more inventing song lyrics saying nonsense.

You will show off to your friends

Especially if they are not able to sing in English, they will be surprised to see how well you do. Go to karaoke and show what you are capable of. Who knows, you might even make someone fall in love with you.

You will have fun learning English!

There is nothing like having a great time while you learn.

Music resources to learn English for free

We list different tools that will make it easier for you to learn English through songs:

  • Youtube can be a great tool to find songs in another language. In many cases the videos contain the lyrics and you can find karaoke versions. Indispensabe to learn English singing.
  • Spotify is widely known. It has a great catalog of songs. In addition to being able to listen to your favorites, you will be able to discover which ones are in fashion.
  • Lyrics Training is a website with videos of songs in different languages. As the video plays, you can see the lyrics. Some sentences contain blank spaces that you have to fill in with the words that the singer says.
  • is a large database of lyrics for countless songs.

What if you invest a little money?

Once you have acquired some practice and are improving, you may consider looking for a teacher to guide your learning. You can go to schools where they teach, take private classes at home or, something that is very fashionable, is to have your own online teacher. If you opt for this option, you should know that there are services like Preply where you will find the teacher you need, at the time you want.

Don’t limit yourself to English

Although in this article I talk about learning English with music, you can also apply all this to other languages, such as French, Italian or any other language that you are eager to know. In fact, there are countless authors who sing in their own language and who will also serve you well. The mechanics are exactly the same. Now it is you who must choose.

Your turn to learn English with songs

I have given you many reasons to jump into learning English through music. You have a large number of resources at your fingertips. And as if that were not enough, I have explained you step by step how to do it. Now you just need to take the initiative and take advantage of this information.

Music has accompanied us since the dawn of humanity. It is an inseparable part of culture and the way we understand life. We wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have it. So why not use music to learn English by singing?

In your case, do you have a favorite song that has helped you improve your level? Have you learned new words? Have you finally figured out what that super hit you were listening to years ago was saying? Tell us what your experience has been! We are looking forward to meeting you.

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