How to improve your position in the labor market

MejorarPosicionTrabajo How to improve your position in the labor market

Your chances of finding a job depend, among other factors, on the knowledge and skills that you have related to the job you want.

MejorarPosicionTrabajo How to improve your position in the labor market

If you want to improve your position in the labor market, you must improve your technical and transversal skills, either by taking a specific course or doing other activities that help you improve them.

The first step is to identify what skills you need to improve or learn and establish an action plan to achieve it. To achieve this we advise you to follow the following steps:

posicion How to improve your position in the labor market

Define your current value in the job market

Ask yourself: What can I offer?

If you are aware of your value in the labor market, you will be able to go to those companies that suit you best and it will be easier for you to convince them of the value of your training and experience in meeting the needs and objectives of the company.

To define your knowledge, skills, abilities and experience, you can answer the following questions:

  • What knowledge, skills and experience of those acquired through my training can I offer?
  • What knowledge, skills and experience from previous jobs can I offer?
  • What qualities, of which make me stand out from others, can I offer in a job?
  • What skills of those I have are the most requested in job offers?
  • What am I really good at?
  • What experience acquired in my daily life and in my free time activities could I apply in a job?
  • What do people usually appreciate about me, what they usually praise me for?
  • What kind of training would help me improve my position in the job market?

When you have prepared the list of skills, training and experience, it will be easier for you to identify your shortcomings and find the appropriate training.

Define your learning objective

Ask yourself: How to improve my profile? What can I learn so that the companies that interest me want to hire me?

To establish a learning objective It will help you chart a path to improve your position in the job market. It can be a short, medium or long term goal.

Examples of learning objectives:

  • Master the Photoshop program.
  • Master occupational health and safety issues, as well as fire safety regulations, and pass an exam to become a safety manager.
  • Learn to read, write and speak German at an intermediate level, to be able to read books written in that language, write commercial emails and speak with a native speaker about topics related to my profession.

Make your action plan

Ask yourself: How do I achieve my goal?

To implement any change you need a plan. In this case, to improve your value in the job market by expanding your training, you must start by defining the situation you want to reach (for example, learn to use the photoshop graphic program or become an expert in pastry).

Once you define the situation you want to reach, you can define and develop your plan. Keep in mind that a good plan must meet the following requirements:

Elements of an action plan

plan accion How to improve your position in the labor market

  • A target, clearly and completely defined, about what you would like to achieve.
  • Time that you will need to get it. A learning plan must be specific or detailed enough to be able to establish a realistic timetable for the steps to be carried out and for the achievement of the objective. Sometimes the calendar and deadlines are determined from outside (for example, by the duration of a course or by the date of an official exam).
  • Resources and means necessary to achieve it. It is necessary to analyze well and describe all the resources (financial, material) necessary to achieve the objective and consider whether they are within your reach: how much money will you need; what information you need, where you can get it or who can provide it to you; which institutions you can go to, which people you have to turn to.
  • The process or the steps that will lead you to achieve your goal.
    Imagine some stairs going up towards your goal. Think in the short term, taking into account what you need to achieve in order to move up to the next rung.
  • Evaluation criteria. Checks to be carried out:
    During the process, to check if you are going in the right direction and at the right pace. For example, if you are learning a language, take a test after finishing a class.
    At the end of the process, to check that you have achieved your goal. If possible, materialized in formal elements, such as a certificate.
    To define the evaluation criteria, it will help you to ask yourself questions such as: How do I know that I have achieved a goal? or What would be the first sign that I have successfully achieved a goal?
    The clearer and more specific the evaluation criteria are, the easier it will be for you to know how close or far you are from your goal at all times, what you have already achieved and what you still have to do, thus reinforcing your motivation.
  • Barriers and obstacles that you can find, and how to overcome them if necessary. Examples: that there are no places in the course you wanted, that you run out of money or that you discover that you cannot get the book you were looking for.
  • Sources of support that you might need during the process. Both people close to you (family, friends, classmates) who can encourage you in difficult times, as well as experts, that is, counselors and professionals who can offer you the information and advice you need.

Design a action plan It is not always an easy task, there are counseling services that can help you in this process.

It is also important that you look carefully for the most suitable course to achieve your objective, and that you know in detail all the criteria that will help you choose a course and a center.

Once your position in the job market has improved, you can start the job search process.

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