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How to pass an exam without studying

abril 4, 2021
como aprobar un examen sin estudiar How to pass an exam without studying

Go out to party with friends, play computer games, watch television. Student life is very busy! If you have a test around the corner and you ran out of time to review your notes, don’t worry. I’m going to tell you my big secret: how to pass an exam without studying. Let’s go there!

Why want to pass an exam without studying

If you have been reading me for a while, you will know that when I give advice to students like you, I like to do it responsibly. For this reason, I always recommend that if you know the dates of your exams well in advance, you plan the time you are going to spend studying for each one.

Obviously that’s an ideal scenario. Unfortunately, in the real world there are a thousand factors that can prevent you from studying as God intended. Perhaps the teacher has warned by surprise that the next day there is an exam, maybe you have to take care of a relative, or you simply find yourself lazy studying such a boring subject. In short: you need to pass an exam without studying.

What does it mean to pass without studying?

That you pass without studying does not necessarily mean that you do not know what the subject is about. You may like it a lot and know the concepts explained in class beforehand. Also, there are those who show interest during the lessons and can easily memorize what the teacher has said. If that is your case, you will hardly need to open a book to pass. Unfortunately, I imagine you are here for another reason: the exam is on your way and you have no idea. So, let’s not waste any more time and get to work!

Ways to pass an exam without studying


It is not ethical, it is not legal, but when we are desperate we can do anything to get what we want. If you search for images on the Internet about this, you can see how much imagination and creativity people can have. I recommend that you read this article where I tell you how to cheat on an exam and the dangers that it entails.

Getting the exam beforehand

There are several ways to get the pre-dreaded questions. In my case, for example, I had a natural sciences teacher who had already had the exam in his portfolio a week before. As soon as he left the classroom, someone looked through his things and when he found him, he took note of the questions.

On other occasions, there were groups that took the test the day before and told us what it was about. Even once, we were able to see a proof of history that the teacher had left on the copier to make copies that he would later distribute.

Using logic

Another tool that can get you out of a tight spot and help you pass an exam without studying is logic. If you are taking a multiple choice test, or true or false, you can use logic to deduce the correct answer. So you can see how well I take care of you, I leave you another article that explains everything you need to know about how to pass a multiple choice exam.

Watching movies

We are going to see one more way on how to pass an exam without studying that is valid especially for subjects such as History. If you have to learn a very important concrete historical fact and they have made a movie about it, you can make yourself some popcorn and watch it instead of having to sit in front of the notes. Also, if you have been asked to read a book about which you are going to be asked questions, and there is a film version, you can use this technique. With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to find and watch the movie you want almost instantly. For my part, I will never stop being grateful for the TVE series El Quijote. That really saved me time.

Although it sounds cliché, the novel is always better than the movie. Of course, here we are in a desperate situation, not to have fun and enjoy reading. So, you have to be practical.

Being creative

There are questions or even complete exams in which you will be asked to write. It is not necessary that you have studied exact data but that you know how to explain what they talk about. Imagine that you are asked to write about the impact of social media on the lives of young people. Surely you could write a lot about this topic without having studied anything.

More tricks to pass an exam without studying

These have been my techniques that with more or less luck helped me in my student days to spend less time studying. Surely you have used one more trick to be able to pass without effort. I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment telling your story, so that others in your situation can laugh at their teachers when they pass the exams without having touched a book. For them!