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How to search for work on the Internet?

marzo 31, 2021
160729 trabajointernet How to search for work on the Internet?
Find a job Internet The Internet has become one of the main sources for looking for work. Either through specialized social networks, job portals, general social networks, blogs, etc.

Human resources experts say that most of the offers are hidden, they do not appear in the job boards on-line or specialized portals. For this reason, take care of you personal brand or maintain a good network of contactsare some of the keys that will help you find a job on the Internet.

Here are a series of tips to help you improve your Internet job search results:

Tips for looking for work on the Internet

1. Be clear about your professional objective and show it

The first key aspect of your job search is be clear about the type of work that interests you. Generally, people look for a job according to their studies and interests. When you are clear about your professional objective, you can search for offers related to your objective in specialized portals, make your objective known to potential recruiters and / or companies and show it on social networks.

2. Take care of your personal brand

Everything that is published on the Internet is accessible to anyone. Find your name and see what appears; This is what your future recruiters will do. If you do not have an Internet presence or your presence is related to topics that you would prefer to keep out of your professional profile, create a blog, make yourself a personal page or increase your activity on professional social networks. Take actions that help position yourself as an expert in the field and allow you to associate a good image with your profile.

3. Diversify your search

Do not focus on looking for work in a single channel, such as a job portal. Use the different channels that exist such as specialized social networks, general social networks, blogs, company web pages, etc. Not all job offers move through the same channels, if you diversify your search, you will be able to find a greater number of offers.

4. Subscribe to alerts

An easy way to receive updated information is by subscribing to the alerts offered by the different portals or blogs. In this way you will receive all the information that is published automatically.

5. Design a blog or presentation page

As we have already said before, having a own blog or presentation page, for example, a page in are ways to make yourself known and that will help your personal brand.

If you choose to use one of these resources, it is important that you keep your information up to date or have a minimum of activity on your blog.

6. Customize your CV and your cover letter

Your Curriculum Vitae, in addition to being up-to-date, must be clear and have relevant information. The CV has to be attractive to your recruiter, for this reason, we recommend that you have available several models of curriculum adaptable to the requirements of the specific offer to which you are applying. A good option is to carry out the curriculum by competencies or a creative curriculum.

As for the cover letter, you should also update it for each application, highlighting those aspects that position you as the ideal candidate. Show that you know the company and highlight the reasons why you want to work for it. If you create a very basic or superficial cover letter, the recruiters may not bother to read the resume.

7. Follow the job prescribers

In some social networks, like Twitter or LinkedIn, you can find relevant people in your professional field. Follow them to stay updated on all the news in the sector.

Also follow all those people with positions of responsibility in companies in your sector to whom you may one day send your resume. The network of contacts it is one of the most effective ways to find employment.

8. Go to someone who can employ you

Sending an email to a generic business address, in most cases, is a waste of time. Find information about the people who can give you a job (heads of the human resources department, heads of the specific departments where you would like to work, etc.) and contact them through social networks or through direct mail.

The Internet is a network in which information moves very quickly. If you really want find work on the netYou cannot connect once a week and see what is there, you have to be constantly connected and aware of all the news, so that to which a job offer that interests you is published, you are among the first to send the application.

Now that you know where to start, look for a job on the job boards on-line and on social media.