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How to take care of the enviroment

abril 4, 2021
como cuidar el medio ambiente How to take care of the enviroment

With a growing world population, the consumption of resources and the production of waste are increasing. Terms like global warming or greenhouse effect are very common. Whether we like it or not, this affects us directly. Therefore, it is very important to ask ourselves how we can take care of the environment. Next, we bring you some tips that you can put into practice in your day to day to protect the planet. You dare?

Environmental conservation: everyone’s business

In this article you will see that most of the advice we give is focused on students. However, anyone can apply them no matter how old you are. We all live on this planet and what we do affects us whether we are young or old.

What is the environment?

The term environment is of Latin origin. Specifically comes from medius (medium) and ambiens (surround). If we put the two words together, it means something like “to be on both sides”.

This concept is quite broad and we could write an infinity of words to give a definition. However, our goal is to provide you with an easy-to-understand article on caring for the environment. That is why we are going to summarize it in a simple way: the environment is the grouping of all living beings and the environment that surrounds them.

What is caring for the environment?

Caring for the environment consists of preserving it as best as possible. When we want to protect it, we try to reduce human impact. In other words, it would be as if we did everything possible so that none of our actions affected the environment.

10 tips to take care of the environment.

10 tips to take care of the environment

If you are interested in protecting the planet, it is time for you to start changing your habits. Here is a list of tips to take care of the environment:

  1. Minimize waste of paper. It prints only when necessary and if it does, prints on both sides.
  2. Use non-disposable containers. There are nature-friendly alternatives like glass bottles.
  3. Avoid artificial light. Taking advantage of the hours of the day when there is light, you reduce electricity consumption.
  4. Separate the waste: You can put plastics, cardboard and organic waste separately.
  5. Dispense with plastic bags. It is better to use cloth bags.
  6. Turn off electronics. Disconnect those that you are not using. Do not suspend the computer.
  7. Use public transportation or a bicycle instead of your car. Walk as much as you can.
  8. Save water. This resource is basic to life and unfortunately a lot is wasted.
  9. Use rechargeable batteries. By using these types of batteries, we reduce the amount of waste produced. When you have to dispose of them, do so at a recycling point.
  10. Reuse everything you can. Before throwing something in the trash, think about whether you can give it another use.

5 actions to take care of the environment

As you can see, these are very general actions to take care of the environment. How could you apply them in your life as a student? We are going to delve a little deeper into each of them.


Without water there is no life, so we should spend it wisely. One of the ways to take care of the environment would be to reduce our consumption of the liquid element. You can achieve this in different ways. You can shower instead of bathing. Of course, for the sake of your classmates do not stop doing it. You should also turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or hands. And if you already wash your clothes yourself, fill the washing machine instead of leaving it halfway.


Another way to reduce our environmental impact is to change our habits when we move. What means of transportation do you use to go to school or university? Whenever you can, it is recommended that you go to the places on foot or by bicycle. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your health. If where you want to go is somewhat remote, you can also use public transport, if it is safe.

If on the contrary, it is really necessary to use the car, try to go with someone else. Do you know a classmate who lives near you? You can go together and share the expenses. It is also very important to maintain the vehicle. Wearing the tires with the right pressure, driving without acceleration and at moderate speeds are factors that reduce fuel consumption.


We live in an increasingly digital society. Although many subjects have very long syllabi, nowadays university notes are easy to have in electronic format. Every time you go to print something ask yourself if it really is necessary. In case it is essential, try to do it on both sides. Reducing the consumption of paper and therefore cutting down trees is another of the things we must do to take care of the environment.


One of the most difficult elements to remove from the environment is plastic. Fortunately, there are many ways you can reduce its use as much as possible. When you go to class, take an aluminum or glass bottle filled with water. If there is a drinking fountain on campus, you can fill it there. You would be surprised if you counted the number of plastic bottles that you throw away. If you drink a soda, don’t do it with a straw.

In case you eat on campus or elsewhere outside the home, it is also important that you take metal cutlery with you, avoiding disposable ones made of plastic. With the little effort of having to wash them, you avoid generating more waste on a daily basis.

Additionally, every time you go shopping, take a cloth bag or one that is biodegradable. You can also use your backpack to carry things from the supermarket to your home.


There are countless ways to save electricity. In fact, this is something that is not only good for nature, but also for your pocket. When you have to study for an exam, do it during the day whenever possible and don’t put it off until the last minute. You will see how your health and especially your eyesight will thank you. Now, if you have to use light at night, try to buy energy-saving light bulbs. Also, when you leave the room, turn them off.

It is also important to unplug electrical appliances that are not in use. If you are finished using your computer, turn it off, as even if you leave it in sleep, it will still consume some electricity. The same is the same with television and other devices.

Another way we can protect the environment is by responsibly regulating temperature. If there is air conditioning or heating in the classroom where you teach or in the library, try to keep the temperature reasonable to reduce consumption. On the other hand, try not to leave the door open.

How to take care of the planet: the three r’s

Another way to take care of the environment is by putting into practice the rule of the three r’s. What is this? Well, it is a proposal that aims to improve our consumption habits. The name comes from the three implications it has: reduce, reuse, recycle. Let’s analyze what each of these aspects means:

  • ReduceIf the problem we have is that we generate a lot of garbage and pollution, reducing consumption, we reduce the problem. For example, if you walk instead of driving, you reduce gas emissions.
  • Re-use: Another thing we can do to take care of the environment is to reuse. Are you going to throw something away? Is there no way to reuse it? If a pant has a hole in it, don’t throw it away, try sewing or patching it. If you have finished the cookies that came in a metal box, do not throw it away. You can give it a second life by keeping something in it, such as photos. You can even use a soda can as a pencil. Whenever you are going to get rid of something, try to imagine if you can take advantage of it in some other way. With a little thought, you will come up with a lot of good ideas to reuse.
  • Recycle: There are many things that can be recycled: plastics, containers, papers, cardboard, etc. Here is a practical case: nothing prevents you that when you pass a subject, if you are fed up with it, you recycle all your notes. In this way, the world will thank you and you will feel more liberated.

Do these tips serve to take care of the environment?

Probably, if you have tried to convince someone to recycle or take some other action to contribute to the preservation of the environment, they will have told you: that is useless because other people will not do it.

It is precisely this attitude that must be avoided. When you set an example, it is easier for others to follow you. Although not everyone contributes 100%, any contribution, no matter how small, is welcome. Little by little people will become aware and a responsible culture with nature will be created. Small gestures carried out by many people can make a big difference. You also have the opportunity to do your bit by carrying out these proposals to take care of the environment.

Training in caring for the environment

If you are one of those people who loves nature and is concerned about how to improve the environment, you may be interested in studying something related to this topic. Therefore, you will be happy to know that there are university studies that are closely linked to the world of ecology. Whether you are not sure which career to choose, or if you want to know if it is convenient for you to study something in this branch, we recommend that you consider this possibility. Taking a look at our vocational test can also help you.

How to protect the environment: your turn

We are sure that this information on how to take care of the environment has been interesting for you. We hope you can put it into practice in your day to day and thus contribute to the conservation of our planet.

There are certainly many more things to do that we have not covered. That is why we want you to tell us what ideas to take care of the environment occur to you. We encourage you to leave us a comment so that we can all benefit from them.