How to write a job application correctly

solicitud de empleo scaled How to write a job application correctly

In an increasingly competitive world of work you have to know how to stand out and in this way tip the balance on your side. For this reason it is very important to control even the small details. In this article we will show you how to correctly write a job application.

Things a job application should contain

Something that you should highlight in your job application are the qualities that characterize you and that you can contribute to that company. Think about how your preparation can contribute to achieving the objectives required for the job you want to aspire to. Once you are clear, you can list what things the company is looking for and how you meet those expectations. Finally, don’t forget to talk about your work experience in this field either.

In summary: When the human resources person has just read your job application letter, they must be very clear about what you are capable of and why in boxes to perform that job.

Job Application Examples PDF and Word

Now that you are clear about the information that your document should contain, it is time to write it. You might feel a bit lost if you’ve never written a job application letter before. Do not worry that we are not going to abandon you. In this link you will find the PDF and Word job application you need.

Watch the appearance when delivering the job application letter

Although it is increasingly common to submit applications over the Internet, this is not always the case. As you can imagine, if you are going to go in person to the company, appearance is very important when submitting your application. Depending on the position you are opting for, you can be more or less formally dressed. If in doubt, always go for formality. An example: If you are not sure and if I have to wear a tie or not, put it on.

Other details that you should never forget

Although it is true that your resume must contain all your contact information, it is never too much to put them in your cover letter as well. That way you will be making it easier for the recruiter to have both your phone and your email at hand. And speaking of emails, if you have a slightly strange address, create one that contains your first and last name.

Also another way to show interest is to contact the company a few days after submitting your application. You can do it both by email and by calling. If you decide to make a phone call, do so politely by saying hello and asking how the other person is doing. Always use a friendly and cordial tone.

Are there any other details or information that you would include in a job application? What things have worked best for you when you’ve written one? Leave us a comment so we can help other young people who are in the same situation as you. Cheer up to get that job you want so much.

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