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ICT support technician –

marzo 31, 2021

ICT support technicians are typically responsible for a team of staff that could include customer service assistants and analysts, IT service technicians and network administrators and technicians.

Some IT support technicians provide daily support themselves, particularly for more complex issues or smaller departments. This includes responding to customer service calls. The technician tries to obtain more information about the problem, asking users to clearly explain the problems they are having, in order to establish the necessary measures to solve those problems.

In many cases, telephone assistance is sufficient, although in others, the technician may have to go to the user’s own office and work directly on their computer.

An important aspect of your job is managing the personnel and resources of your department or section. Your responsibilities may include:

  • The hiring of new staff.
  • The organization of the helpdesk.
  • Control of the number and type of problems that are reported.
  • Improving the efficiency of customer service in the team.
  • Budget management.
  • Planning ahead.
  • Organizing and (in some cases) conducting training for workers.
  • The preparation of management reports.
  • Review of the effectiveness of existing systems.

They may also have to choose the best hardware and software to meet the needs of a particular business. Other responsibilities include negotiating service agreements with third-party providers of ICT-related services, and recovering data when the system crashes (a fatal error occurs).

When problems arise due to technical failures, the IT support technicians work in coordination with the IT staff of the company, for example, the administrators of the IT network of that company.

Sometimes they have to plan and organize a time when the computer system can be shut down for the update of the main services, so that the work of the company is interrupted as little as possible, for example, overnight or on weekends. of week.

They may have to contact third-party hardware and software vendors, and specialized companies, such as internet access providers.

When your company wants to install new hardware or software, they have to become familiar with it as soon as possible (or delegate that task to a member of the staff team), so that they can adequately serve the users.

They can be asked for advice on the introduction of new systems, and are often part of programming groups related to the use of new technologies, as they need to keep up to date on ICT developments.

Some IT support technicians may be responsible for network administration. This means that they are responsible for the efficient and secure operation of the computer networks used in their company.