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Image consultant –

marzo 31, 2021

Clients often turn to an image consultant at a certain point in their life, when they want help or advice on their image. For example, they may want to make a good impression in order to get a new job or gain a promotion, perhaps they go to the consultant before getting married or because they want to find a new partner, or when they have lost weight and do not know what clothes to wear. .

The image consultant analyzes the image of the client, including:

  • Clothes.
  • Your personal appearance in general.
  • Your hair, eyes, and skin tone.
  • Your face and body shape.

The image consultant then advises the client on the styles, colors and clothing designs that best suit him, taking into account his personality, budget and lifestyle. They could also advise you on things like:

  • Hair style and color.
  • Makeup shades.
  • Accessories and types of sweater (with or without a high collar, for example).
  • Shoe type and heel height.
  • Jackets length.

The image consultant is informed about the clothes in the client’s wardrobe, and advises him on the clothes that suit him and those that do not. He can also take you shopping, to advise you when it comes to buying new clothes and changing your wardrobe.

The image consultant should advise the client to dress according to the latest trends, but show him what type of clothing and style suits him the most based on his height, constitution and age, for example.

In addition to the appearance of the person, the image consultant also advises you on how to relate to other people, through your verbal communication (for example, the type of register and vocabulary to use) and non-verbal communication (for example, how to stand or walk). They can also advise you on the social etiquette that allows you to better fit your work, such as the type of mobile phone that suits you best, the restaurants where you should go, etc.

Image consultants typically work with clients on an individual basis, but sometimes they also work with groups, doing makeup demonstrations, for example.

Some companies hire image consultants to improve the image of their business, for example, by helping to create a new dress code for workers that reflects the company’s brand, or by teaching staff how they can improve their communication skills in business meetings. business.

Image consultants can also run training programs, coaching, workshops or seminars, covering aspects such as image in the workplace, first impression, body language and business etiquette.

Clients come from different backgrounds, and more and more men are using the services of an image consultant.

Image consultants also dedicate part of their time to administrative tasks, promoting their business through marketing techniques, public relations and their professional development.

In general, they are responsible for maintaining a database of their customers, with information regarding their purchases, tastes and preferences, as well as their physical characteristics, to serve them more effectively and to make the necessary adjustments from one season to another. .

Image consultants should also maintain a list of contacts to be able to refer their clients to the relevant professionals, such as hairdressers, makeup artists, personal trainers, voice trainers, personal consultants, plastic surgeons, nutritionists, etc.