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Industrial design engineer –

marzo 31, 2021
diseno industrial Industrial design engineer -
Industrial design engineers are professionals specialized in devising and designing machinery, structures and new industrial products. Its mission is to ensure that the idea can be put into practice, that it works and that it meets the expectations with which it had been projected. For this, their work has to take into account technical, functional, safety, efficiency, cost and respect for the environment.

Industrial design

To become part of this professional sector, training must be oriented towards the college and take, among others, the Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design or the engineering degree in industrial design and product development.

These studies can be completed with programs of master. Among them there are general courses, such as the master’s degree in product design, and others that focus on more specific areas, such as the master’s degree in sustainable product design: innovation and management or the master’s degree in mechanical design and production with CAD-CAM systems- FALLS OFF.

Regarding the training of product design engineers, the study of subjects such as mathematics, mechanics, artistic expression, material physics, industrial processes, aesthetics and computer-aided design or design stands out.

Professional profile

Industrial design engineers are responsible for designing products and structures such as trains, airplanes, medical equipment, agricultural and industrial machinery, household products, telecommunications systems, or structures such as bridges. That is why it is important that they gather some competencies personal and professional staff that will facilitate the performance of your duties. Among them are:

  • Practical and scientific mindset
  • Numerical skills and spatial ability
  • Psychomotor coordination
  • Knowledge of materials, tools and processes
  • Analisis and synthesis capacity
  • Skills for drawing, sculpture or architecture
  • Creativity and experimentation capacity to design new products and structures
  • Ability to solve problems and know how to make decisions
  • Patience, perseverance, rigor and flexibility to modify the project to achieve the goal set
  • Management of ICT tools and systems
  • Communication skills to explain your ideas and work techniques
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to work in teams and in pressure situations
  • Supervisory skills

Professional outings

The job prospects for industrial design engineers are good. Technical profiles are some of the most demanded in the current job market. Depending on the specialty that they have, the professional options are several. They can join large private multinationals, public companies, specialized SMEs in a specific area of ​​industrial design or as associate engineer or technical collaborator in consulting companies.

The functions they can perform will be related to the design of the products, with the supervision of the manufacturing process so that it is an efficient, safe, economical product to produce and that complies with all the requirements set by the manufacturer. In their performance they are also responsible for developing and testing prototypes to evaluate their operation and, if necessary, make the necessary modifications.

Regarding the professions that can be carried out, that of design engineer, manufacturing systems engineer, process development technician, production engineering technician, or professor of design and technology.