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Lawyer –

marzo 31, 2021

Lawyers are experts in the art of defense, that is, in presenting a case in court, in a court or in a public body.

They also offer expert advice on all aspects of the law. Lawyers can weigh in on a wide range of legal problems that do not involve legal process.

Most attorneys are freelancers or self-employed, and their income comes from the fees they earn. They share offices (or chambers) with other lawyers, so everyone contributes to the cost of the rent, works as a team and collaborates with each other.

Some freelance attorneys work from home (technically also referred to as a chamber) and are known as freelancers.

Most independent attorneys receive a plea from another attorney or notary, although at present they can also accept cases directly from the client. Lawyers spend a lot of time preparing court cases. In civil law cases, the attorney prepares the pleadings, which are very important to the case.

Preparing a case consists of conducting a thorough investigation to familiarize yourself with all the facts regarding the case. The lawyers write the reports and allegations. If necessary, they meet with the client to clarify any particular questions or to obtain more information.

During court proceedings, attorneys present whatever evidence they deem pertinent to support their claim. They ask witnesses questions, in order to obtain information to support their arguments in court. Before the jury makes a decision, the attorney summarizes the argument in the most convincing way possible.

Generally, attorneys specialize in one or sometimes two specific areas of law, including criminal, civil, or commercial law cases, shipping law, and medical litigation.

Some attorneys spend more time in court than others, depending on their expertise. For example, the job of the chancery (involving wills, trusts, and estates) consists of giving advice and requires little time spent in court, while attorneys who are involved in civil and criminal cases spend more time there.

Some lawyers are employees, which means that they are salaried workers working for different companies, for example, in commerce, industry and in departments of the central or local government.

Some large commercial companies have their own in-house teams of attorneys. Sometimes these teams are very advantageous for the company, since its lawyers know in detail the company and its activities.

Commercial advisory lawyers give advice on internal procedures and regulations, such as the management of pension funds or the application of lease contracts for office space.

They also advise on complex aspects of labor law, tax law, health and safety issues, patents, environmental law, and company mergers.