Logistics and freight employee

Employees in logistics and freight transport organize and control freight transport operations, optimize logistics processes in accordance with established specifications, and ensure the integrity and tracking of goods throughout the process.

Its main tasks include:

  • Keep records of merchandise operations and coordinate the frequency of such services.
  • Coordinate and keep records of the operating activities of road transport, such as allocation and schedules of vehicles and drivers, loading and unloading of vehicles and storage of goods in transit.
  • Coordinate and keep records of the activities of operation of the air transport of passengers and goods, such as those related to the preparation of passenger lists and manifests.
  • Prepare reports on the services that are performed.
  • Organize the departments of a freight transport and logistics company determining the human and material resources necessary to meet the objectives established by the company’s management.
  • Prepare and manage transportation plans, production plans, warehouse operations and flow plans, and daily traffic.
  • Carry out the planning of long-distance routes and the preparation of delivery routes, selecting the best possible combination of transport modes.
  • Carry out the administrative procedures that guarantee the transit or international transport of goods between different countries and modes of transport.
  • Promote and disseminate transport and logistics services by applying marketing techniques and strategies.
  • Carry out the process of selling transport and logistics services and prepare the documentation derived from the sale.
  • Manage customer relationships, where appropriate in English, monitoring operations to meet their demands, incidents, and claims appropriately, ensuring the level of service provided.
  • Organize the storage of merchandise in the conditions that guarantee its integrity and the optimal use of the available means and spaces.
  • Carry out and control the supply of materials and merchandise in the production and distribution plans, ensuring the quantity, quality, place and deadlines.
  • Carry out the administrative management of import and exploitation operations and introduction and dispatch of merchandise.

These professionals carry out both management and organization tasks such as order management, pick-ups or departures, operational and administrative management activities, such as order and stock control, or registry-type tasks such as incident management or contact with customers. .

Logistics and freight transport employees work in companies dedicated to the transport and distribution of goods, managing both the transport, the human resources used for each service and the goods. These professionals normally work during office hours, from 9am to 6pm, but depending on the size, type of company and the services it offers, their hours may be longer or they may take shifts.

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