Marketing Director –

In companies that manufacture products or are engaged in providing services, marketing managers have to decide the best way to promote themselves to increase sales. Marketing departments are often involved in different aspects of this process, from advertising market research, to public relations, events, and sponsorships.

Marketing managers’ duties can vary greatly depending on the type and size of the company they work for. They could, for example, be involved in some or all of the following functions:

  • Gather, interpret and present information about the markets (people or companies that could buy the product or service).
  • Help launch a new product or service.
  • Contribute to marketing plans, budget decisions, and market strategy.
  • Obtain customer feedback on existing products and work with product development departments to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Establish good relationships with customers.
  • Work with external companies, such as advertising agencies, market research or photographic agencies.
  • Organize and attend exhibitions, conferences or other publicity events.
  • Prepare promotional materials such as catalogs, web pages, brochures or information presented at points of sale.

They can also:

  • Developing customer databases and the use of direct marketing techniques such as mailings, e-mails and text messages.
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and suggest changes when necessary.
  • Manage the sponsorship of events or awards that create a positive image of your company.
  • Write reports and presentations for company directors.
  • Stay up-to-date on your product’s competitors, and on pricing and marketing issues.

Marketing managers choose a combination of marketing methods that are tailored to the product or service they are promoting. Businesses that market their products and services directly to the general public might take a different approach than those that wholesale to other businesses.

For example, the marketing campaign for a new mobile phone may be completely different from a campaign for an insurance policy, a hotel chain, construction materials, a political party, a theme park, office furniture, an organization. non-governmental or travel magazine. However, the same marketing principles apply to all of them, in order to reach the target audience and for the product, service or brand to be successful.

Managers working in a small company can perform a wider variety of functions than those working in large companies, in which case they may specialize in a particular aspect of marketing.

Some marketing managers work for agencies that provide a marketing service to a wide range of clients, in which case they are often referred to as account executives or account managers. They may have to travel within a local area to visit clients and could also be involved in trying to get new accounts.

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