meaning and difference with graduate

egresado meaning and difference with graduate

One term many college newcomers come across is “graduate.” This word is quite well known in the world of higher education, but what is a graduate person? What does it mean to graduate? Is a graduate the same as a graduate?

Etymology of graduating

This word, like many others in Spanish, is of Latin origin. It was derived from the term “egressus”, and its meaning is the same as we give it: to leave a place. In the student field, it refers to finishing a cycle of middle or higher studies, obtaining the relevant degree and ending the relationship with the academic institution.

Meaning of graduate

Egresado is the participle of the verb egresar. If we refer to a person, it is that student who has finished his studies, generally university and leaves the educational center. This term is used more frequently in Latin America than in Spain.

Difference between graduate and graduate

You may wonder: “Is a graduate the same as a graduate?” Let’s specify a little more what each one is:

  • Graduate It is the student who has completed a cycle of studies (academic degree) and receives a degree that recognizes that he has taken certain subjects and that as he passed them, he obtained the corresponding credits.
  • Graduated It is that student who, after having finished his academic preparation, leaves the study center where he was prepared.

As you can see, it looks pretty much the same. However, the difference between graduate and graduate is that the graduate leaves the place where he studied, while the graduate could continue with another cycle of studies in the same place. Imagine that you and a friend are studying for a university degree. After much effort, the two of you pass and receive the title. At this point, your friend decides to look for a job and you prefer to study a master’s degree at the same university. He would be a graduate and you would be a graduate.

Graduation certificate

In some countries such as Chile, the students who request it are given a graduation certificate by the university. This is different from graduation. To be able to request it, the student must have passed all the subjects (both the theoretical and practical part) and be waiting only to take their final exam and present their thesis.

In some cases, in addition to accrediting you as a university graduate and the date you achieved it, this certificate includes some additional information. For example, depending on the high school you study in, you can indicate average grade and the ranking with respect to the rest of your peers.

In order to obtain it, you must go to the department in charge of giving attention to the student and that there they indicate the steps to follow. It is also possible that you can complete the procedure on your university’s website. This process is generally free.

We hope that this article has helped you to familiarize yourself a little more with the university vocabulary and that very soon you too can be another graduate.

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