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Middle grade training cycles (CFGM)

marzo 31, 2021
190308 cfgm Middle grade training cycles (CFGM)

What are intermediate level training cycles?

The intermediate level training cycles (CFGM) they are studies volunteers and professionalisers belonging to post-compulsory secondary education. They allow you to acquire technical skills necessary for the effective development of a profession.

Most CFGM have a duration of two academic years and, like all Vocational Training cycles, they are grouped into professional families.

The qualification obtained after passing a CFGM is that of Technical or Technique of the profession corresponding to the cycle completed, valid throughout the Spanish State. This qualification allows access to the world of work, to other intermediate level training cycles, the Baccalaureate or higher level training cycles, provided that you meet the access requirements established in each case.

Middle Grade Training Cycles (CFGM)

All intermediate level training cycles include modules of formation in work centers. These are studies that will allow you to acquire essential theoretical-practical learning for the development of the work activity associated with the cycle.

The high insertion rate of Vocational Training graduates confirms that the cycles provide technical knowledge and application skills and understanding of processes that employers value. CFGMs therefore provide a qualification that responds to the demand of the labor market.

Access routes to the CFGM

To access these studies, it is necessary to meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have the title of Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education, equivalent title for academic purposes or another of higher level.
  • Be in possession of a Basic FP qualification.
  • Be in possession of another title of Technician or Technician.
  • Have passed the entrance exam to intermediate level training cycles.
  • Having passed the specific training course for access to intermediate level cycles (this access route is only offered in some autonomous communities).

Professional FP families

Current CFGM qualifications

The following table details the intermediate level training cycles taught in each of the professional families. For each of the cycles, you will be able to consult their study plans and other information of interest, such as professional opportunities and related studies.

As you will see, some cycles are classified in more than one professional family.

Keep in mind that the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training approves new cycles periodically, which are implemented progressively. The specific offer of each community varies depending on the implementation schedule itself.

Access course to intermediate level training cycles

To take the access course you must be 17 years old or fulfill them throughout the year in which you enroll and not be in the possession of the Graduate in ESO or equivalent.

The course has a minimum duration of 600 hours. The reference curriculum is the basic competences of Compulsory Secondary Education. The subjects taught are distributed in the following areas:

  • Scope of communication.
  • Social ambit.
  • Scientific-technological field.

This course is not taught in all the autonomous communities.

Departures and connections with other studios

After passing a mid-level training cycle, you will be able to choose different continuity alternatives:

It is, therefore, a training option that, in addition to providing you with the necessary qualification to enter the world of work, allows you to continue with your academic training.