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Military of the Air Force

marzo 31, 2021

The military of the Air Force maintain the security of the State and its allies from the air. They also provide help and assistance where they are needed. Most occupy ground positions, while a small number (called aircrew) have flight duties.

Land posts

The ground military offers a variety of services to allow the Air Force to fly. They specialize and work most of the time in their chosen position. However, all Air Force personnel are trained to assume responsibilities in times of war.
Below are some of the ground positions, classified into three main categories: coaching staff, assistance, and medical and dental care.

Coaching staff:

There are many specialist technical positions since the Air Force uses a very varied equipment. Technicians check and repair the following:

  • engines,
  • weapons,
  • ground vehicles,
  • Electric equipment,
  • all types of aircraft,
  • electronic defense, communications and flight systems.

Technicians specialize in positions such as:

  • avionics,
  • maintenance of radar, navigation and flight systems, and air weapons and instruments,
  • electronic ground engineering, which deals with ground telecommunications, radar, and surface-to-air missile systems.

Assistance posts

The assistance posts are necessary to keep an Air Force unit operational.

Military personnel in positions such as operations and air support use sophisticated electronic equipment in their work. They manage air defense and tracking systems, radio and ground communications systems, and communicate with aircraft personnel.

Air Force artillerymen are combat specialists who provide ground protection to Air Force bases, in national and international territory.

There are other protection posts such as firefighters and the Air Force police.

Some military personnel specialize in administrative jobs, which include administration and personnel work. Others process supplies and arrange cargo and passenger deliveries to destinations around the world.

The cooks cook and prepare the meals, and the caterers serve the food in the dining rooms.

Fitness instructors provide fitness and training programs to all Air Force personnel.

Medical and dental care:

The Air Force provides a wide variety of medical, nursing and dental services to its personnel and their families. These services are provided in medical centers that are located in the bases of the Armed Forces, in hospitals of the Social Security and in operations that are carried out abroad.

Positions include nursing, radiography, and dental assistant. A wide variety of healthcare technician positions are also available, such as dental technician, pharmacy technician, and environmental health technician.

Plane crew

The crew of an airplane has flight obligations. They are known as weapons system operators. They are divided into four specialists: crewman, linguist, acoustic and electronic warfare operators. The exact nature of each position varies depending on the type of aircraft.

The crews organize the delivery of troops and supplies around the world.

Linguists use their language skills associated with operational flights.

Acoustic and electronic warfare operators use radar and sonar technology to identify targets over and under the sea.

Air Force personnel must be prepared to live and serve anywhere in the country or abroad. Sometimes they will have to work in difficult and dangerous conditions (they may even be life-threatening), especially if they work as an airline crew.